Tomorrow is the busiest day of the year for online dating apps

Sunday 5th January will be the busies day of 2020 for online dating apps [Image: Getty]
Sunday 5th January will be the busies day of 2020 for online dating apps [Image: Getty]

With party season over, it appears singletons are raring to get back to those cosy dates this January.

Research has found that tomorrow - Sunday 5th January - is the busiest day of the year for those looking for love online.

Dating apps Hinge and The Inner Circle, as well as site, also discovered there will be peak in swiping activity in particular during the evening.

While the first Sunday of the month has been popular for digital courtship for the past two years - to the extent that it is now dubbed “Singles Sunday” - there was a 38 per cent increase in those getting involved last January.

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If you’re after romance in 2020, tomorrow is without doubt the best time to sign up or log back on.

However, you’ll need to wait until the evening to access the largest pool of potential suitors.

For example, expects user traffic to peak around 11pm.

Luckily, The Inner Circle predict most new people to sign up around 7pm, causing activity to become highest around 9pm.

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For those looking further afield, France, Germany and Sweden will be swiping most around 9pm, while Spain will get going at a relatively early 2pm.

It comes as the dating trends set to become big in 2020 were revealed.

Match-making app Plenty Of Fish detailed the romantic pitfalls to beware in the new year.

They include ‘Fleabagging’, inspired by Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s iconic character, where you consistently date people who are unsuitable for you.

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According to the dating site, 63 per cent of women have admitted to getting into this bad habit, while 38 per cent of men have been guilty.

Another cruel phenomenon - and one that is mostly affecting singletons in their early 40s - is getting back in touch with an ex to ask for a favour.

Known as ‘Cause-Playing’, it’s usually to ask that former flame to donate to something charity-related, like a marathon, and more often than not involves a Just Giving link.

In other news, a leading dating expert has also revealed why you should never do online research before a date.

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Greta Tufvesson, co-founder of New York-based matchmaking service The Bevy, you need to go into meeting someone “with an open mind”.

“A good rule of thumb is to have an open mind before even going on a first date,” Tufvesson said in an interview with The Independent.

“Don’t judge or create preconceived notions of who this person is based on a Google search or gossip.”

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