Build-A-Bear is selling a Christmas Grinch toy for the festive season

Build-a-Bear has launched a Christmas Grinch toy for 2019
Build-a-Bear has launched a Christmas Grinch toy for 2019

By Charlie Duffield

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If you’re unsure what to buy the children in your life for Christmas, Build-A-Bear might have the answer.

They’ve just launched a green Grinch version - and it’s already a big hit.

The mean-spirited fictional character created by Dr Seuss is the protagonist of the children’s book ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’, and notoriously hates the Christmas season.

In 2018 The Grinch movie, based on the book, was released by Universal Pictures and became the highest grossing holiday film of all-time.

The Build-a-Bear Grinch version wears a three-piece Santa suit over his trademark avocado green fur, with the official ‘The Grinch’ logo on his paw pad.

Build-a-Bear's Grinch also has a Christmas outfit - just like in the film
Build-a-Bear has launched a Christmas Grinch toy for 2019

Buy it: The Grinch Santa Suit Gift Bundle | £35.50

He’s on sale for £35.50 or £41 for the voice bundle - but don’t leave it too long to splash your cash as his younger Grinch toy, costing £10, has already sold out.

A Facebook post revealing the toy’s arrival gathered 1,300 likes in a mere three hours.

There was a flurry of excitement for the special festive bear, with people writing gushing comments such as “omg omg omg!", "little miss needs this" and "I've got to get them".

Other mums admitted their kids would be “over the moon” with a mini Grinch, adding “they are cute aren’t they!”

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We can’t help but agree.The cute furry bear might feel more at home on the Naughty List but we’re convinced he’d make a great gift for all of Santa’s little helpers.

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