Brooklyn Beckham blames unsuccessful football career on his zodiac sign

Brooklyn Beckham has revealed the reason why his soccer career didn’t take off like his famous father, David Beckham.

The 23-year-old amateur chef, who recently launched his own cooking show, discussed making a name for himself in the cooking world after walking away from the Arsenal Football Club Academy when he was 15.

“I have a lot of anxiety. And to try and live up to what my dad did, it was just like, it got to the point where I was just, like, I really just want to make my own name for myself and work my arse off,” he told Bustle. “I’m a Pisces. Sensitive.”

In 2015, the eldest son of David and Victoria Beckham was let go by Arsenal when he failed to secure a contract with the Premier League club. From there, Brooklyn went on to pursue a career in photography by publishing his own collection of photos, titled What I See.

Notably, the book’s photos and simple captions drew much criticism from both social media and professional photographers alike.

Now, it seems Brooklyn has found his calling with food. In December, he launched a new Facebook Watch series called Cookin’ With Brooklyn, which follows the model as cooks for celebrity chefs – including Nobu Matsuhisa, Mozza’s Nancy Silverton, and Roy Choi.

“I’m not a professional chef – at all,” Brooklyn emphasised. “I’ve never said that. I never would say that. Obviously, my dad knew what he was doing at a very young age. I’ve only been doing cooking for not even three years.”

He added, “It’s ok to be 25, 26 or even 30 and not know what you’re doing yet. You know what I mean?”

According to The New York Post, Brooklyn’s cooking show reportedly costs $100,000 to make per episode, with a team of 62 professionals to help produce the series.

As it turns out, Brooklyn is actually friends with some of the famous chefs who appear on his series. He recalled how world-renowned chef – and Brooklyn’s neighbour – Nobu Matsuhisa dropped off a rice cooker at the apartment Brooklyn shares with his wife, Nicola Peltz Beckham. “He understands my heart, too, and he likes to learn more. He’s so appreciative,” the 73-year-old chef said about Beckham.

When it comes to his plans for the future, Brooklyn revealed he plans on launching a docuseries in which he serves as line cook in established kitchens. The model also still hopes to open a “proper English pub” in Los Angeles.

As for a name for the pub, Brooklyn said: “It’s going to be something to do with my wife.”