From finding money in your pocket to waking up to blue skies, Brits top 50 little thrills revealed

Waking up to sunny skies came second in the list of little thrills. (Getty Images)
Waking up to sunny skies is second in the list of little thrills. (Getty Images)

Life is pretty tough right now with everything from the unseasonal freezing temperatures to the cost of living crisis, so we have to grab little pockets of joy where we can, to help give us a lift.

From unexpectedly finding some money, to waking up to sunny skies and getting into bed with freshly washed streets, new research has revealed the top 50 everyday thrills that can really brighten our day.

Topping the list, perhaps unsurprisingly given the current financial climate, is discovering some cash in your pocket, with over a third (35%) claiming this boosts their mood.

This is closely followed by waking up to sunny skies in the morning, which a similar number say puts them on a high.

Snuggling into a bed with just-cleaned linen is another little win, coming in third spot in the 'lift list', while receiving an unexpected gift gives a buzz of happiness to a third (33%) of those polled.

Finding a parking space in exactly the right spot is also another everyday thrill that many appreciate, with 27% claiming it makes them smile.

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Who doesn't love getting into bed with freshly made sheets? (Getty Images)
Who doesn't love getting into bed with freshly made sheets? (Getty Images)

Other small wins in the research from Tesco include getting a free upgrade on a flight or hotel, picked by a quarter of those surveyed, traffic lights turning green just as you approach them (24%) and waking up and realising it's the weekend, which a fifth cited as a 'woo hoo' moment.

Romance also featured highly in the list of little thrills with someone saying they love you, getting a compliment from a stranger, and getting a message or phone call from the person you fancy all featuring highly.

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Of course finance is also a dominating topic with other money-orientated happiness hits including noticing a favourite product is on special offer (27%), getting a surprise bonus or tip (24%), and making a big saving at the till when using a loyalty card/app (22%).

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Getting to leave work early was a win for XX% of those polled. (Getty Images)
Getting to leave work early is a win for more than 20% of those polled. (Getty Images)

Others get a lift from getting to finish work early (23%), or simply waking up before their alarm (10%), while some just appreciate unexpectedly waking up feeling fresh after a late night (17%).

Turns out that UK adults experience three everyday thrills each week on average, equating to 156 over the course of a year.

The buzz of excitement from these mini moments lasts around 11 minutes on average for most people. We'll take that.

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The nation’s top 50 ‘little thrills’

  1. Unexpectedly finding money in a pocket - 35%

  2. The sun shining when you wake up in the morning - 35%

  3. Snuggling into bed after putting fresh sheets on it - 34%

  4. Receiving a gift that you weren’t expecting - 33%

  5. Getting praise for something - 28%

  6. Paying your shopping bill using vouchers earned through loyalty points - 27%

  7. Seeing that a favourite product is on special offer - 27%

  8. Finding a parking space right outside the place you want go in - 27%

  9. Someone saying ‘I love you’- 25%

  10. Being cooked a meal - 25%

  11. Getting a free upgrade at a hotel or on a flight - 25%

  12. Getting an unexpected bonus / tip - 24%

  13. Getting a compliment from a stranger - 24%

  14. When a traffic light turns green just as you approach it - 24%

  15. Car passing its MOT - 24%

  16. Getting to finish work early- 23%

  17. Using a loyalty card/app at the till, and then seeing the amount of money it’s saved you - 22%

  18. Getting to a store checkout that’s just opened with no queue - 22%

  19. Finishing a good book - 21%

  20. Realising you have a huge build-up of loyalty points on your card - 21%

  21. The train / bus arrives just as you arrive on the platform/ at the bus stop - 20%

  22. Waking up and realising it's the weekend - 20%

  23. Receiving a message or phone call from someone you love/fancy - 19%

  24. Putting on new clothes or shoes - 19%

  25. When the clocks change, and you get an extra hour in bed - 18%

  26. When a journey takes less time than expected and you arrive at your destination early - 18%

  27. When your sports team win a game - 18%

  28. When you wake up feeling fresh after a late night - 17%

  29. Finding the last piece of clothing in your size on the rack - 17%

  30. When you have a good hair day - 17%

  31. Getting your car cleaned for free when you go to the garage - 13%

  32. Successfully getting through to buy concert/festival tickets online - 13%

  33. Getting an email or text with a discount code/ sale announcement - 13%

  34. Coming home late and remembering you have leftovers you can eat - 12%

  35. Getting paid ahead of pay day - 12%

  36. When you have a good skin day - 12%

  37. Using a satisfying pen - 12%

  38. Finishing a hard workout - 11%

  39. Getting an invite to a party / wedding - 12%

  40. Turning your out of office on your work emails - 11%

  41. When someone likes your post on social media - 11%

  42. Finding the dishwasher has already been emptied - 10%

  43. Getting a personal best on a run / for a workout - 10%

  44. Waking up a minute before your alarm - 10%

  45. Finding your egg is a double yolker - 10%

  46. Finding a full tank of petrol in your car - 9%

  47. Being sent a funny meme - 9%

  48. When your children sleep through an entire night - 9%

  49. Seeing a dog in a cute outfit - 8%

  50. Getting a notification of a match on your dating app - 6%