Sex and coffee included in what Brits would give up for a holiday abroad this year

Holiday no sex. (Getty Images)
People in the UK value being able to go on holiday over having sex this year. (Getty Images)

It seems Brits are willing to give up almost anything for a holiday abroad this summer, including sex.

With a busy season ahead, many praying their flights won't be cancelled, and others just desperate for the chance to get away, there is no doubt an increased demand to travel outside of the UK.

And following two years of restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this pent-up desire means some would be prepared to part with their daily dose of coffee (14%) and sex for a year (9%) among other things, new data from trivago, including of 2,000 UK adults, finds.

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Couple in bed. (Getty Images)
Would you give up sex to guarantee some escapism abroad? (Getty Images)

Brits would also be more than willing to give up eating out for a year (13%), miss seeing their in laws for a year (12%) and spend all the money in their savings accounts (7%) if it meant they could definitely travel abroad.

When quizzed about their holiday intent, 51% said they believe 2022 will be the best year ever for travel and a third (33%) say they have already made firm plans for their 2022 holiday.

Meanwhile, just under another third (30%) are planning 'a bucket list' trip.

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Woman trying not to drink coffee. (Getty Images)
Brits also vow they would part with coffee, eating out, seeing their in laws, and all the money in their savings account. (Getty Images)

The survey, conducted between February-March 2022 via One Poll, also unearthed a hunger for increased spending and adventure and a clear desire to just treat ourselves if we can. Some 37% plan on spending more on holidays in the year after the pandemic than they would if it had never happened.

 Top 10 factors Brits are willing to give up to travel abroad this year. (trivago)
Top 10 factors Brits are willing to give up to travel abroad this year. (trivago)

"There is no doubt people are hungry for holiday breaks and are clearly willing to search widely and pivot requirements as needed, whether this means taking far flung holidays or staying closer to home," says Axel Hefer, CEO of trivago.

"What is clear that the focus must be on escape, relaxation, flexibility and safety and those accommodation operators who prioritise this should be well set for a busy summer.

"Overall, the accommodation sector has every reason to remain optimistic as we head into summer.”

What would you give up to ensure you could jet off to a faraway land this year?

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