Britain's Got Talent viewers brand show 'a joke' as ex-finalist returns

Britain's Got Talent fans are up in arms, slamming the show as 'a fix' after an ex-finalist made a comeback for the new series. Lucy Heath and her adorable dog act are back for another shot at winning Britain's Got Talent, leaving viewers scratching their heads as to why she was allowed to re-enter the competition.

The much-loved talent show hit our screens again on ITV this Saturday 20 April, for its eighteenth series, showcasing a fresh batch of undiscovered talents all vying for a whopping £250k prize and the chance to dazzle at the Royal Variety Performance.

The season started with a bang as Sydnie Christmas earned the first Golden Buzzer of the series from Amanda Holden.

Lucy Heath
Britain's Got Talent viewers fuming as ex-finalist returns to the show -Credit:ITV

However, the mood shifted when Lucy, a professional dog trainer, returned to Britain’s Got Talent for her third attempt, accompanied by her talented pooches, Strike, and Trip," reports The Mirror. She successfully advanced to the next round, but not without causing a stir among viewers.

Fans were left fuming, questioning why Lucy was allowed to participate again after reaching the final in her previous attempt. One vented: "Why is it allowed for people to come back. We will have everyone coming back at this rate."

Another suggested she might have been given a special invite: "Why is she allowed back on when she made it to the final in 2016? ! Sorry but this show is an absolute joke nowadays.. they 100% invited her back on."

Lucy returns with new dogs to train on Britain's Got Talent
Lucy returns with new dogs to train on Britain's Got Talent -Credit:ITV

One wrote: "She shouldn't be allowed back on though if she reached the finals." A fourth added: "I thought they weren't allowed to go on again if they've made it to the finals."

The notion was reinforced by another who shared their opinion: "If you've been on before and made it to the final you shouldn't be allowed to go back on in my opinion just possibly taking that spot away from someone else who hasn't had a chance before."

A viewer then asked: "She made it to the final, lost and is auditioning again?"

Prior to her appearance on Britain’s Got Talent over the weekend, Lucy had auditioned in series 9 and 10. On both occasions, Lucy showcased different dogs, she failed to secure a semi-final position with Indie, but came back stronger next season with Trip Hazard, ultimately landing a spot in the final.

This time around, viewers noted that Lucy is taking a third shot at victory with a new doggy contestant, Strike - but will her latest endeavour whisk her to the top?

Viewers were frustrated as Bobby Goldfin kept returning to the stage
Viewers were frustrated as Bobby Goldfin kept returning to the stage -Credit:ITV

The conversation took a new turn when another act, Bobby Goldfin, who was less successful in his previous attempts, managed to reclaim the stage despite a complete panel rejection in his preceding auditions.

One unimpressed audience member questioned: "Why was the fish allowed back? ?" Another vented their frustration with: "Why is the fish act allowed back on though. Fix."