Britain's Got Talent fans slam 'disgusting' twist last night saying 'that really wasn't a great move'

Saturday evening's episode of Britain's Got Talent saw opera singer Natalie Choquette take to the stage, with her act containing an unconventional twist which left viewers feeling 'disgusted'.

The singer, who hails from Montreal in Canada, performed a rendition of Nessun Dorma for the audition, but had decorated the stage with a dinner table. Spaghetti and meatballs was laid out on the table, with judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Bruno Tonioli and Alesha Dixon invited to join Natalie around it.

As she began to sing, the performer took everyone by surprise as she gargled her drink and shoved spaghetti into her mouth, before then tossing spaghetti over Simon as pasta was poured over Bruno.

singer Natalie Choquette with Spaghetti in her mouth
Natalie Choquette took to the stage and sang opera before shoving spaghetti into her mouth -Credit:ITV

Finishing off the act, Parmesan cheese was dropped onto the stage from above, with Amanda and Alesha managing to dash backstage beside presenters Ant and Dec before being hit by food.

As the audition descended into chaos, the live audience appeared to see the humorous side, but many viewers at home took to X to share their negative thoughts on the act.

"Just put #Britainsgottalent on, and the judges were covered in food. That's not entertaining, it's disgusting and food waste. #BGT has gone downhill!", wrote one user.

Simon with spaghetti on his face
The act even threw spaghetti all over Simon's face -Credit:itv

A second account echoed: "I’m going to sound a bit of a downer for saying this, but that last act involving a massive waste of food in today’s world really wasn’t a great move in all honesty."

While many speculated that the act was 'staged' before Natalie's performance, with one viewer writing: “Another spontaneous/not at all staged, audition."

Elsewhere in the episode, there were more heartwarming scenes as Bruno used his Golden Buzzer to send male dance troupe, Phoenix, to the live shows.

The group, which was made up of many youngsters in a range of ages, put on a spectacular performance after revealing that they had only practised the routine together three times before taking to the Britain's Got Talent stage.

BGT stage
While pasta was thrown over Bruno's head by stage 'waiters' -Credit:itv

Bruno, a choreographer and dancer and former judge on Strictly Come Dancing, admitted that he saw himself in the young dance group - and the boys were beside themselves as he slammed his hand down on the Golden Buzzer.

Bruno joined Phoenix dance group onstage as he delivered a heartfelt speech, saying: "People don't understand how hard it is to succeed as a dancer.

"The work that goes into it, and the passion. Literally, you do it for nothing - you do it for love. And I felt that".