Britain’s biggest family share photos of their new baby meeting some of her 21 siblings

The Radford family have shared images of their new baby meeting her big brothers and sisters. (PA)
The Radford family have shared images of their new baby meeting her big brothers and sisters. (PA)

Days after giving birth to her 22nd child, Sue Radford, the mum of Britain’s biggest family, has shared adorable pictures of their newborn meeting her siblings for the first time.

In a series of sweet snaps, the baby girl, who was born on Friday weighing 7lbs, can be seen being cradled by some of her excited older siblings.

The Radford family broke the news of their latest arrival earlier this week, revealing they were already “in love” with the newborn.

The family are yet to settle on a name for the child, their 11th daughter, but while they decide on a moniker the tot has been getting to know her big brothers and sisters.

Cute images show some of the more junior members of the family cuddling and kissing the newborn.

“A bit of baby spam. We feel so blessed to have her here safe and sound,” the accompanying caption reads.

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Speaking after welcoming her 22nd child, Sue, 45, admitted she’d had concerns about how the coronavirus pandemic might impact her birth.

She told The Sun: “I was more scared than I had ever been going into hospital with everything going on with the virus.

“I was so worried that Noel wouldn’t be allowed to stay with me.

“We have all been isolating and it seemed wrong to leave our safe bubble to go to a hospital, but when I got there I felt safe straight away.”

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Following the birth announcement and the additional meet-the-family images, friends and followers were quick to offer their congratulations to the family on social media.

“She’s so beautiful and healthy. Congratulations to all of you, and I wish you the best,” one user wrote.

“Another bundle of Joy to add to your family. Massive congratulations on this beauty,” another added.

“Spam all you want she’s beautiful and it’s lovely to see your other children with her.”

Earlier this year Sue revealed she was finding her 22nd pregnancy “stressful” as a result of the position of the then unborn baby's placenta.

At the time, she was 26 weeks into the pregnancy. She revealed she had an anterior placenta, which means the placenta sits in front of the baby rather than behind.

The littlest Radford joins the rest of the clan: parents Sue and husband Noel, 49, and siblings Chris, 30, Sophie, 25, Chloe, 23, Jack, 22, Daniel, 20, Luke, 18, Millie, 17, Katie, 16, James, 15, Ellie, 14, Aimee, 13, Josh, 12, Max, 11, Tillie, nine, Oscar, seven, Casper, six, Hallie, three, Phoebe, two, Archie 18 months, and Bonnie, one.