Bride demands wedding guests pay £120 each to 'cover cost of food and a seat'

A bride has demanded guests pay £120 each for food and a seat at her wedding [Image: Getty]
A bride has demanded guests pay £120 each for food and a seat at her wedding [Image: Getty]

Weddings can get pricey - with the average nuptials in the UK now costing £31,974.

But one bride has been slammed for trying to reduce the cost of her own marriage by asking her guests to come with a gift worth “at least” £120 to cover the expense of their attendance.

The woman has been branded “trashy” after one of the people she invited shared her strange request, sent via a lengthy text message, on Reddit.

In a post on the site, the guest explained that she demanded everyone bring a present that would effectively cancel out the cost of them being there.

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The bride wrote: “Please keep in mind what’s spent per guest at any wedding.

“It’s about $150 per person that shows up, and to feed you and have a seat for you to sit in.

“Make sure at any wedding or any party someone planned and chose you to come, you show up with something worth it equalling out to what’s been spent for you to show up.”

She also made it clear that multiple people shouldn’t share one gift.

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The guest asked her fellow users on the site what was acceptable to spend on a friend’s wedding.

She said: “Keep in mind, I'm not in the wedding but they are wanting me to pay £160 ($200) on supplies for the bachelorette party and I already spend £72 ($90) on her bridal shower gift.

“Now they want us to pay £120 ($150) per person per gift.

“I think she has turned into a total bridezilla. Her maid of honour is texting all of us telling us to pick up more alcohol for the party and food.

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“I unfortunately can't afford everything they are wanting me to get and I finally had to tell her that.”

People were left shocked by her post, with the majority branding the bride “trashy”.

One person wrote: “This is a s****y, classless message from people who don’t understand etiquette, manners, or grammar.”

Another commented: “It’s incredibly entitled to think your guests ‘owe’ you X amount, and unbelievably tacky to rant about it on social media.

“To be honest, that would sour me from even wanting to attend.”

A third shared: "If the bride and groom are actually asking you to spend a certain amount on a gift, that's very, very rude of them.”

And a fourth added: “I wouldn’t be rude about it, but I’d decline spending any more money than you already have and just bail.”

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