Bride furious as guest brings two toddlers to child-free wedding who cry throughout ceremony

A bride was left fuming when a guest brought toddlers to her child-free wedding [Image: Getty]
A bride was left fuming when a guest brought toddlers to her child-free wedding [Image: Getty]

In an effort to make sure their big day runs smoothly, some couples prefer guests to leave their children at home.

So it is understandable that one bride was left furious when a mum brought her two toddlers to her kid-free wedding.

To make matters worse, the youngsters cried throughout the ceremony.

In a post on Reddit, the newlywed explained how her now-husband’s cousin had brought her children without permission to watch them get married.

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The mum and toddlers had managed to, in her eyes, totally disrupt the ceremony.

She angrily wrote: “We made it very clear we did not want kids at the wedding.

“In fact, the wedding reception was at a casino and kids couldn’t come.

“Fast forward, in the middle of the ceremony, I hear kids crying.

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“I know it was not my niece and nephew, they are 10 and 6 years old.

“At the end of the ceremony, I see that it was the cousin who brought her two little kids (aged 3 and 1).”

For context, the bride added that she and her partner’s cousin had never really got on.

“This cousin has been rude to me since I’ve met her,” she explained.

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“She left my name off the Christmas card that she has mailed to us the last 4 Christmases.

“Makes every attempt to ignore us at family functions.”

People rushed to sympathise with the woman, and urged her to say nothing but avoid inviting her to future family events.

One person wrote: “I had a bridesmaid do this to me. I made it very clear that I did not want children at the wedding and she waited until the day before I was travelling to our venue to tell me that she had never been comfortable with leaving the baby with her mum and so she was going to come with the baby.”

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Another commented: “She definitely did it to get under your skin.

“In this case I think it would irritate her much more if you were just kind about it.

“Kill that snarky b**** with kindness and watch her get annoyed about it.

“If she brings it up be gracious and say something like 'oh it was just so nice the children could make it too.'“

A third added: “I'm on team petty. Be all sweet for now.

“Leave her name off your Christmas card, if they gifted you money for the wedding, return it as a Christmas gift in front of the family saying 'you clearly need this more than we do since you couldn't afford childcare for a few hours for our wedding.'“

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