Bride demands bald bridesmaid wear a wig on her wedding day

Back view of the elegant blonde bride dressed in a white dress holding a wedding bouquet on the background of window.
One bride has demanded her bald bridesmaid wear a wig on her wedding day. Photo: Getty Images

Brides can be pretty demanding before their wedding day.

From the ones who call on you to go dress shopping every weekend to those who think you should be at their constant beck and call - being a bridesmaid can be more of a headache than it’s worth.

However, one bride has taken the biscuit with her diva demands, by asking her bald bridesmaid to buy a wig to wear for her wedding day.

The bridesmaid has since taken to Reddit to ask for advice, after she found out the rest of the bridal party are all on the bride’s side.

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Starting off her post, the woman explains that she’s from a very strict Christian family, where she was never allowed to cut her hair because “hair is a woman’s crown”.

Wedding flowers in hand the bride and her bridesmaids. A feast for brides
The bridesmaid said she had offered to compromise but the bride was having none of it. Photo: Getty Images

After ‘escaping’ at the age of 18, she’s always had her hair in a pixie cut, buzz cut or been completely bald.

However, she’s been on bad terms with one of her best friends after she asked her to buy a wig to cover her bald head for her summer wedding.

“All of our friends are on her side because “it’s just a wig” and “it’s not like she’s asking you to grow out your hair for the wedding, so she’s not the one being unreasonable”,” the woman wrote on Reddit.

“The thing is, I don’t know how many of you will be aware of this but a wig that will actually look good/realistic is expensive.

“I’ve already paid for a bridesmaid’s dress, new shoes, and plane tickets, as well as a small deposit for the person who’s going to do our makeup. This wedding has already cost me a fortune. I could afford a wig if I wanted to, but do I really want to spend the money on something I’ll never wear again when I’ve already spent a ton? Not really.”

Despite the bride not offering to pay for the wig, she said the biggest reason why she doesn’t want to fork out a small penny for a wig is because she feels that it implies that she looks bad because she doesn’t have hair, which she doesn’t believe is true.

“Is being bald so hideous I’ll ruin her pictures? Is she going to make her balding father wear a toupee?,” she continued.

The bridesmaid said she’s offered to wear a headscarf or grow her hair out into a pixie cut as a compromise but the bride is still having none of it.

Most people sided with the bridesmaid on Reddit, with one commenter saying: “If she had a problem with your appearance then why the hell did she make you her bridesmaid? You’re a friend? Well friends don’t try and change their friends to satisfy their vanity issues.”

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However, others asked why the bride would act in such a manner when she’s never been like that before.

“Is there anyone in her family who might be pressuring her?” the commenter said.

“She’s definitely TA, but if this is extremely out of character for her I’m wondering if there is a reason that might explain this behaviour.”

This isn’t the first time a bridesmaid’s hairstyle has proved divisive.

Earlier this year, a bride threatened to kick her sister out of her wedding party, for donating her long hair to charity.