Bride Embroiders Her Love Story Onto Her Wedding Dress

Bride Embroiders Her Love Story Onto Her Wedding Dress

We all love hearing the romantic love story of how the bride and groom met, but this bride decided that instead of telling her tale she would embroider it onto her wedding dress for all her guests to see - and read.

Bride and Koesch designer Krésha Bajaj Zaveri went about designing the stunning dress of her dreams after getting engaged to partner Vanraj.

Creating your very own wedding dress sounds like a daunting task but luckily Krésha knew exactly what she wanted. Her vision included a traditional Indian design and a white and gold colour scheme.

However, this was no ordinary wedding dress. “In order to make it into a special piece of art I decided to embroider my entire lehenga with our love story” she told Metro.

Krésha divided the bottom of the lehenga (a traditional Indian skirt) into seven panels - each representing the seven milestones from her love story. The stunning personal result meant “when you go from left to right you see our story unfold.”

The story starts with “a hem of jumping dolphins" signifying the work the couple did to protect cetaceans. The dress then goes on to show everything from the proposal in the Maldives and planning the wedding.

It took her around three months to complete and the end result is pretty darn gorgeous. The detail of the cherished moments is not only beautifully personal but also looks dazzlingly stylish.

Krésha now has the skirt framed on her wall explaining, “it was exactly as edgy, unconventional and firmly Koecsh as I wanted to be.”

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