The bralette for big boobs that ACTUALLY works

Photo credit: Freya
Photo credit: Freya

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Let me start by saying: I hate wearing bras. Another fun fact about me: I hate not wearing bras. So you can see, it leaves me in a little bit of a daily conundrum.

My dislike of not wearing bras does outweigh my hatred of wearing bras, so you'll usually find me wearing one (unless at home on a Sunday, slobbing out in my loungewear with no makeup, enjoying the fact that no one can see me apart from my boyfriend - sorry boyfriend).

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The reason I hate both of these things is because I was blessed/cursed - I use both terms because some days I love them, others I have different feelings - with rather large breasts.

I am a size 30H, which is pretty restricting when it comes to bra styles and shapes that fit and flatter my body. I always have to wear straps, they always have to be underwired and so by the end of the day, my shoulders hurt, my back hurts and my rib cage really hurts.

But taking my bra off leaves me battling gravity - and I'll be frank with you - I don't enjoy when my breasts feel saggy. It's hot, uncomfortable and I just don't like the way it looks, even in my baggy t-shirt from Britney's 2001 concert when only my boyfriend can see me.

When I stumbled across Freya's latest bralette range, Freya Fancies, I will admit I was dubious. I have never, literally never, come across any kind of non underwired bra that has been comfortable or even done any kind of supportive job. But this range claimed to be the big boobed girl's answer to the bralette trend and I needed to give it a go.

Photo credit: Figleaves
Photo credit: Figleaves

Freya Fancies DD+ Bralette, £21, Figleaves BUY NOW

At this point I think it's important to say that this is not an ad, I just felt, as a big boob girl plagued with underwire nightmares for years on end, that it was my duty to share my experience. Which, btw, is almost entirely positive.

Not only does the bralette hold my breasts up without the use of any kind of wiring, but it is so comfortable that I want to wear it all the time. AND it doesn't do the annoying 'uni boob' thing that most non-wired bras tend to - you know, when your boobs are so squished together you could be storing food in between?

It is the first thing I put on when I come home from work and I like sleeping in one too - offering support that I otherwise don't get, because WHO would sleep in underwire?

Photo credit: Debenhams
Photo credit: Debenhams

Freya lace non-wired non-padded bralette, £21, Debenhams BUY NOW

The bras are pretty - and if you were braver than I am, you could easily wear one out in public.

The bralette comes in five sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) so it is worth trying them out first before you pick yours. I have big boobs but my back is quite small, so the medium was the best fit for me. The large does work to some extent but there is less support and the back rides up making it less comfortable.

Out of the available colours I love the black the best but could definitely be tempted by some of the bolder colours - from pink to red and turquoise - too.

Photo credit: Amazon
Photo credit: Amazon

Women's Fancies Bralette Bra, £14.70, Freya BUY NOW

Oh and did I mention they are only £21 and under? Yes, for anyone over a D cup that really is a bargain.

Speaking of which, here are 21 other home truths only girls with big boobs would understand.

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