Boy George discusses his hair transplant

Boy George, star of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! talks hair transplants with Jill Scott on the show.

Credit: I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! / ITV / ITV Hub

Video transcript

BOY GEORGE: Your hair looks so good, though. You obviously look after it. And it looks healthy.

JILL SCOTT: Do you know what? I actually-- I just wash it.

BOY GEORGE: My hair is a transplant


- What?

JILL SCOTT: Oh my god.

- No way.

JILL SCOTT: From where?

BOY GEORGE: From a transplant.

JILL SCOTT: That is amazing.

BOY GEORGE: I was bored. Do you know what made me do it? Wayne Rooney.

Why do you think that's funny? It's the truth. I saw Wayne Rooney's hair. And I thought, I could actually get my hair on.