Toddler gives himself a Nutella bath after just 20 unsupervised minutes

Danielle Fowler
Freelance Writer
Three-year-old Harrison managed to cover himself (and the cream carpet) in the chocolate spread [Photo: Caters]

A mother-of-two who left her son playing downstairs alone for 20 minutes was shocked to discover him covered head-to-toe in Nutella when she returned.

Little did Clare Fallon know that while she was busy blow drying her hair, three-year-old Harrison Bird had helped himself to a large jar of the chocolate spread from one of the kitchen cupboards.

In the short time that she left her son, he had managed to cover himself (and the cream carpet) in Nutella.

On her first reaction, Fallon said: “When I walked in and saw him I was very angry and shouted at him that his dad would be very angry at him. I was shocked that he had managed to do this, when I was only out of the room for about 20 minutes maximum.”

She continued, “I quickly grabbed him and put him in the bath tub and showered the Nutella off of him, and luckily it came off quite quickly.”

And the 32-year-old was understandably concerned about the carpet, as the family had just moved into a new build – so had no choice but to call in professional help.

The mother-of-two was shocked to discover her son covered in chocolate spread but admits that she “can’t help but laugh at the photo” [Photo: Caters]

“Luckily I managed to get a carpet cleaner to come round very early the next morning and the house was cleaned,” Fallon said. “Now we’ve learnt our lesson to make sure that the Nutella stays on a higher level in the cupboard so he can’t reach it!”

Yet despite the mess it’s hard not to see the funny side, as she added: “Now I can’t help but laugh at the photo, I think it’s absolutely hilarious and everyone who has seen it thinks so too.”

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