Boy, 16, praised for attending prom in Billy Porter inspired dress

The teenager, from Norfolk, had dreamed of wearing a dress to his prom and donned a red sparkling tuxedo dress to be met with cheers by his fellow pupils.

Credit: This Morning / ITV / ITV Hub

Video transcript

NINA GREEN: We were so excited about it because Korben didn't tell anyone what he was going to wear for prom. So it was a bit of a secret. But I think the teachers knew he wasn't going to be in a bog standard suit. So we were really excited.

And I wanted to make it feel special for him. I'm so proud of him for showing who he really is. And he's been true to himself. So we got him the suit. And we took him to prom. And the most amazing bit for me as a parent is when he got out the car, the reaction of all his friends that saw.

- Tell us about that. What was it like?

- They cheered. They just cheered and clapped. And to feel that level of acceptance just means so much because there are children out there that don't get the support.


- [INAUDIBLE] and it's so important for me that we let our children be who they are. Because I believe that if you let your children be who they are, you'll never get anything but the best out of them. And that's so important for me.