A haunted Scottish village can be yours - for just £125K

Watch this: For £125K you could buy the Old Village of Lawers, Scotland

An entire Scottish village, set on the gorgeous shores of Perthshire's Loch Tay, is on sale for just £125K. The catch? The Old Village of Lawers has been long abandoned - except, or so they say, by a ghost.

The old stone houses in the tiny village, set in over three acres of land, are all covered in moss after the last known residents abandoned it in 1926. However the new owners won't be too isolated, as the modern village of Lawers lies just down a farm track.

Ben Lawers mountain from the south, Loch tay, Perthshire, Scotland, United Kingdom. (Photo by: Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
The village's owners will be surrounded by beautiful scenery, including Ben Lawers mountain (Getty Images)

The picturesque ruins come with a private, sandy lakeside beach, access to stunning semi-ancient native woodland, and even covetable trout fishing rights – but if you snap up the village you'll need to be made of strong stuff.

Local legend has it that the village is haunted by Mary Campbell, aka The Lady of Lawers, a renowned 17th century soothsayer. She made several prophecies in the local area which are said to have come true, including one in which she promised that anyone who damaged an ash tree that she had planted would meet a bad end.

The Old Village of Lawers lies on the North Shore of Loch Tay (pictured) (Getty Images)
The Old Village of Lawers lies on the North Shore of Loch Tay (pictured) (Getty Images)

Sure enough, in the 1870s, a local farmer chopped the tree down despite being warned - he was later gored to death by his own bull, his assistant went mad and the horse which pulled the farm cart dropped down dead. Clearly, The Lady of Lawers didn't come to play.

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The village, which was last sold for £100,000 in 2016 but has now been put back on the market, also features the ruins of a mill and a kiln. Worth putting up with a little light haunting, we'd say.

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