Blue wine is the alcohol you never knew you wanted

Lauren Sharkey
Blue wine is now a thing [Photo: Gik Live]
Blue wine is now a thing [Photo: Gik Live]

Remember the youthful days of drinking WKD Blue in the park? Well, now you can relive your teenage years with the latest invention to sweep the alcohol world: blue wine.

Gik Live is the newest thing to flood Instagram. It’s just hit the US but is already sold in 25 countries including the UK (lucky us).

“Forget traditions and forget that we are speaking about the liquid which represents the blood of Christ at church,” the Spanish-based winemakers wrote on their site.

The company worked with chemical engineers to create the blue wine which is composed of a mixture of red and white grapes from wineries based in France and Spain.

The deep blue shade may look artificial but strangely enough, the hue is completely natural. It was created from anthocyanin – a pigment found in grape skins – and a dye called indigotin which is taken from plants.

Unfortunately, the taste may not be up to your standard [Photo: Gik Live]
Unfortunately, the taste may not be up to your standard [Photo: Gik Live]

And as for the flavour? It’s being described as a dessert wine which includes zero-calorie sweeteners and is the perfect drink to enjoy with a plate of guacamole and/or sushi. Quite specific suggestions.

If you’re getting overexcited at the prospect of the Instagram opportunities, you may want to calm down a little. The Washington Post have revealed that the taste of Gik Live leaves a lot to be desired with taste testers describing it as “gross”.

According to the founders, Gik Live is unable to be called 100% wine in the EU as blue is not an approved colour. Instead, it will be labelled 99% wine and 1% grape.

However, no such restrictions exist in the States, meaning the blue wine will reign across the pond.

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