The world’s most unhealthy sandwiches

Sabrina Ghayour

These 11 super-sized sandwiches laugh in the face of healthy eating, taking sandwich-making to dangerous new levels.

WARNING: The following sandwiches are not for the easily shocked, so those with heart conditions or high cholesterol should look away now…

The KFC Zinger Tower Burger

Because fried chicken just isn't enough, KFC's Zinger Tower stacks boneless spicy fried chicken, melted cheese and hash browns with tomato sauce and mayonnaise racking up 660 calories and 33.5g of fat. "Finger lickin' bad…"

The Pork Hammer

Big Ass Sandwiches of Portland, Oregon is home to creations like the 'Gut Bomb' and their signature creation 'The Pork Hammer'; piled high with ham, sausage and bacon, topped with fistfuls of home-cut fries and masses of coleslaw, giving the term 'pigging out' a whole new meaning.

Grilled Cheese Burger Melt

Friendly's grilled cheese burger melt packs a gut-busting punch with a hefty beef patty nestled in between two grilled cheese sandwiches, serving up a whopping 1,500 calories and 97g of fat. Not so 'Friendly' after all.


The only thing more ridiculous than its name is the list of ingredients it contains. If a meat-fix is what you are looking for, then Brunchbox in Portland, Oregon has just what you need. The Redonkadonk boasts a jumbo filling of eggs, ham, spam, bacon and cheese on a beef patty sandwiched between two grilled cheese sandwiches; a creation so ridiculous, they gave it a name to match.

Doner Kebab

Doner kebabs remain one of our favourite foods to tuck into after a night out, but healthy they are not. Just a small doner kebab contains 1,000 calories and 63g of fat! Large portions contain closer to 2,000 calories and well over 100g of fat. This is heart attack food at its finest.

The 'Fat Daddy'

Munchies 420 Café in Sarasota, Florida has created a monster. 'The Fat Daddy' is a back-breaking creation, filled with chopped steak, mushroom, onions, peppers, a cheeseburger, chicken fingers, breaded mozzarella sticks, potato wedges, lettuce, tomatoes and mayonnaise. Dessert anyone?

The Monte Cristo

Head to the Rusty Pelican Café in Seattle, Washington where you can indulge in a 'Monte Cristo' two doorstep slices of cinnamon swirl bread dipped and fried in egg batter encasing slices of ham, turkey and Swiss cheese dusted with icing sugar, served with jam.

Michigan BLT

'Tony's I-75' in Birch Run, Michigan is home to the Michigan BLT. With a whole pound of bacon, this BLT clocks up an astounding 4,000 calories and 190g of fat; guaranteed to satisfy even the hungriest of carnivores. But with so much 'B', you'd be hard pushed to find the 'L' or 'T' that make this a classic example of the sandwich.

'Eat' Club Sandwich

The innocent looking club sandwich from Eat contains turkey, bacon, cheddar cheese, spinach and tomatoes all topped off with a Dijon mustard mayonnaise totalling an eye-watering 768 calories and a shocking 46.1g of fat. 'To Eat or not to Eat? That is the question.'

Quadruple Bypass Burger

Ambulances at the ready for the Quadruple Bypass Burger, from the Heart Attack Grill in Chandler, Arizona. Containing 2lbs of beef and an estimated 8,000 calories, it's not hard to see how the Quadruple Bypass Burger got its name.

Gelato Brioche Sandwich

At the Gran Caffé Bar 900 in Alcamo, Sicily you can find sweet rioche buns chock full of super creamy Italian ice cream. Averaging around 600 calories with more than 20g of fat, these sweet treats are a lethal way to end a meal.