Gin Is Healthy! Let's Drink All The Gin

From traditional cures to antioxidants, gin should be your new favourite alcoholic drink

We've all heard a glass of red wine is actually good for you, but what about when you fancy something lighter? A spirit perhaps?

Well, apparently, the humble gin has as a few health benefits of its own, so if you're after a healthy-ish alcoholic tipple, the English fave is the one to go for.


1. It's Botanical

So there's lots of lovely herbal ingredients that gin-makers infuse the spirit with to give it unique flavours. Herbs such as corriander, lemongrass and black pepper are used, all with their own individual health benefits.

2. It's A Low Calorie Option

If you're watching your weight, gin is the best spirit to go for as it's the lowest in calories. It also contains digestive enzymes which rev up your system and prevents you bloating. Just go easy on the mixers as they're packed with sugar.


3. It's Anti-Inflammatory

Gin-soaked raisins have been used to treat conditions such as arthritis as the juniper found in the gin works to reduce inflammation in the body.

4. Gin And Tonic Is Anti-Malaria

Drunk by the Brits in India for hundreds of years, the quinine in everyone's favourite summertime tipple helps prevent malaria. Not sure how much of it you need to drink to get the full benefits, though.

5. Antioxidants

Juniper berries are packed with those lovely antioxidants that help neutralise free-radicals in the body and even fight cancer. Reason, if one were needed, for a lovely big martini.

6. It's Good For Your Kidneys

Because gin's a diuretic it helps flush out your kidneys keeping you free from urinary infections. Though if you don't drink enough water to replace it this could be a double edged sword.


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