Blogger shares honest photo of her c-section scar to encourage mums to be proud of their post-baby bodies

A parenting blogger has shared an image of her c-section scar alongside an empowering message [Photo: Instagram/theworkingmumma]

As any mum will likely testify, the changes your body goes through after giving birth can be pretty seismic. But though the temptation is to hide your new body under swathes of baggy clothes, one new mum wants to encourage women to feel proud of their post-baby bodies.

Taking to her Instagram, Candice Williams, who blogs at The Working Mumma, shared a candid picture of her caesarean scar alongside an empowering message urging mums not to feel ashamed of their bodies.

Candace was inspired to share the shot after she found out Instagram had reportedly removed a photo of a baby lying on top of a mum’s belly, revealing her c-section scar. She wanted to show her support by creating her own similar photo and spread the message that women are sick and tired of being made to feel that their bodies are offensive.

“This is not for likes, for followers, for attention,” she wrote. “This is to support my fellow mumma’s who are sick and tired of their body’s being offensive to ignorant people. To show what our bodies where made for… making babies, not being sexualised.”

“Yes I love feeling good, but my body was gifted with growing a human being and there is no better feeling,” she continued.

“My boobs have lost shape due to breastfeeding, my hips are now larger from being pregnant and I have the permanent reminder of the emergency surgery I had to have to safely remove my baby from my body.”

“You can see a lot in such a small square. I am proud of my body, I made my beautiful turtle.”

Candace often shares empowering messages to her Instagram page [Photo: Instagram/theworkingmumma]

Candace goes on to say that she sees her new body as is a symbol of her journey into motherhood.

“I am proud of my body for making a perfect human, I am thankful I have found the true reason for my existence - to create my children and safely carry them.”

The post clearly struck a chord with other mums who took to the social networking site to thank the blogger for her honesty.

“Perfect words! Perfect body! All us mummy’s should be proud of our bodies, we all created little miracles!” wrote one follower.

“This has been my hardest journey. Rediscovering and being ok with my mum bod!!” wrote another mum about learning to love her own post-baby body.

“Beautiful. All women should be proud of their bodies and birth stories. Good on you,” added another.

The blogger’s photo was later reposted on parenting Instagram @bumpbox alongside an empowering message calling out those who think caesarean births are an ‘easy’ option and urging mums to be proud of their c-section scars.

“C E S A R E A N P R O U D,” the post starts. “It is imperative that a woman who has a cesarean birth, knows that her birth is still birth.

“Often women whom birth this way are made to feel they have failed as a woman, that their bodies have failed them + they really didn’t get to experience birth but we will continue to shout this from the roof tops because that is NOT the case. Cesarean birth is birth.”

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