The world's last Blockbuster store can be rented on Airbnb for just £3

Remember Blockbuster? Memories of renting a video from our local store take us back to what seems like a simpler time, far from what we’ve been faced with in 2020.

Perhaps that’s why Blockbuster and Airbnb have teamed up to give us the 90s throwback we didn’t know we needed.

The last remaining Blockbuster store in the world has been turned into an Airbnb, and people can book to stay at the location in Oregon, US, from £3 per night.

That’s right, for the price of an old video rental you can stay in the store, which has been decked out in a nostalgic ‘90s style with videos adorning the walls.

Take us back to the 90s. (Airbnb)
Take us back to the 90s. (Airbnb)

The Airbnb listing showcases a comfortable looking sofa, pull-out bed, bean bags, a massive TV and all the films and games you could ever dream of watching or playing.

Feeling peckish? Raisinets, Doritos and Nerds line the shelves and are available for guests to grab.

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Look at all those videos. (Airbnb)
Look at all those videos. (Airbnb)

Like most of Airbnb’s cool pop-ups, there is a catch.

While you only have to pay £3.07 to stay there, the pop-up won’t be around forever, so you’ve got to be rather speedy if you want to bury yourself in a blanket of 90s comfort.

On 17 August, bookings will open for just three dates in September.

The duvet cover is very Saved By The Bell. (Airbnb)
The duvet cover is very Saved By The Bell. (Airbnb)

It’ll be available for up to four people on 18, 19 and 20 September and will only be bookable for one-night stays. The aim is for visitors not to use it as a base for adventures but instead just curl up and enjoy a night of old-school fun.

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The stays will be coronavirus-compliant, meaning that you’ll only be able to visit with four other guests if they’re all in your bubble. It’ll also be cleaned after each visit using Airbnb’s Enhanced Cleaning Protocol.

Guests will also be given hand sanitiser, face masks and disinfectant wipes.

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