Billie Eilish just revealed her natural skin texture on TikTok

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Photo credit: Karwai Tang - Getty Images
Photo credit: Karwai Tang - Getty Images

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Billie Eilish has never been one to shy away from showing her realest self - from sharing her hair disasters with the world, to showing the real pain behind her acrylic nails (not to mention occasionally revealing the real nails themselves, too).

Following the release of new music video Therefore I Am (which features a pretty powerful middle-finger to body shamers), Billie took to TikTok to share further (hilarious) insights into the real person behind the badass music and public statements.

Long story short, it seems one of Billie's party tricks is her ability to fit the end of a ukulele in her mouth (don't question it, just roll with it guys). She recently posted a TikTok, with tears of laughter visible on her face, saying:

"Do you guys remember when I was 15 and I fit an entire ukulele head in my mouth? Shall we see if I can do it again? I very much doubt it but I shall try."

She then proceeds to fit the entire ukulele head in her mouth and cackle with laugher, and it's a joyous moment for all.

But eagle-eyed fans also noticed that Billie's natural skin texture happened to be on show, as she'd ditched the filters and dark lights she often uses in her Instagram stories - too distracted by the hilarity of it all to create her usual dark and moody atmosphere.

While it's totally up to Billie whether she opts for filters in her videos, I think we can all agree it's so great to see real skin (pores included!) on show - a reminder that everyone's has some sort of texture to it.

...Also, bonus kudos for the angle she chose to film the majority of the video for. A living legend.

BRB, off to order a ukulele to see if this could be my new party trick too.

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