Billie Eilish got poker-straight '90s hair and we're obsessed

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Photo credit: Billie Eilish - Instagram
Photo credit: Billie Eilish - Instagram

Since Billie Eilish wowed us with the mother of all hair transformations back in March, bleaching her signature black and green locks bright blonde, we've been staring at her head ever since waiting for her next hair move (yep, we really have nothing better to do).

The singer revealed she'd actually been wearing wigs for around two months before the big reveal to keep her new bleached 'do hidden, and when a fan asked why during an Instagram Q&A she replied, "Cause it took six weeks to accomplish." She then provided photographic evidence of the "first round," revealing platinum roots merging with copper-orange ends.

Although the blonde colour has stayed in play, Billie's been switching up her style by experimenting with a blocky full fringe and a super bouncy blow-dry.

But a recent image has emerged revealing she's far from bouncy at the moment. In fact, we've never seen her hair looking so sleek and straight.

The singer teamed up with Telekom Electronic Beats to front their Project Futureproof campaign, set to support Gen Z as they explore their future career paths, and she appeared in an announcement post with her new super-sleek hair and an eye-skimming fringe. We can only assume there was some major GHD action going on prior to the shoot, and we dig it.

Electronic Beats captioned the post: "We’re excited to announce the launch of Project Futureproof ✨ Developed in collaboration with youth thought-leaders and employment experts, the project features a digital tool that leverages personality modeling with the aim of connecting the next generation with potential career paths."

The '90s - the era that keeps on giving. Can we tempt you with some Ginger Spice chunky highlights next, Billie?

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