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13 best walking shoes for women for summer 2024, according to a podiatrist: New Balance, Hoka, Adidas, On & more

These comfortable and supportive sneakers start under $100.

Photo of running shoes for women from New Balance, Hoka and more
These are the best walking shoes for women, according to a podiatrist.

Searching for the best shoes for walking, running or even just standing in this summer? Finding footwear that can withstand the heat while providing comfort and support is essential. As temperatures rise, it's important to invest in a shoe that offers breathability, cushioning and reliable traction for unpredictable weather.

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According to Dr. Bruce Pinker, a board certified podiatrist and foot surgeon, you'll want to look for a shoe that offers durability, support and moisture reduction.

There are a lot of factors to consider when selecting a walking shoe for summer — and Pinker says to choose shoes that prioritize both comfort and functionality.

"A good walking shoe has a firm heel counter for rearfoot support, adequate traction on the outsole to prevent slippage and a cushioned midsole for shock absorption," he explains. "It also has a supportive insole, durable uppers and adequate room in the toe box to prevent cramping. For those hiking, added traction or grip on the outsole is beneficial."

The podiatrist also says to pay attention to how your toes feel in a pair of shoes, as well as the condition of your sneakers.

"If a shoe is too narrow or tight in the width, or the toes are cramped, it's not a good fit. Also, if your heel slips out of the shoe, it's an improper fit — often meaning it is too large," Pinker explains. "If the traction or grip on the outsole is worn out, the shoe should be replaced to prevent slippage and injury."

Pinker also recommends trying on footwear in the afternoon because feet tend to swell throughout the day. This way, you can find a shoe that fits your feet at their largest to avoid any cramping.

He also had a few other suggestions when it comes to finding the ideal pair of shoes.

"Choose laces over slip-ons and wear boots for added ankle support if concerned about ankle stability," he says. "Look for mesh in the toe box to allow for an air exchange which can reduce foot moisture and help prevent toenail fungus, Athlete's foot fungus and plantar warts."

Need inspiration for summer shoes? Check out Pinker's picks — and reasoning — below.

The Adidas Supernova Stride running shoes are a solid option for summer walks, offering a combination of comfort, support and durability. They also have supportive features like the midsole and a heel counter to help provide stability during walks.

These shoes are also designed with plush cushioning, making them suitable for long walks during the summer months. "This running shoe has added cushion and significant traction. I would also add that it is an appropriate shoe for casual runners," Pinker says. 

From $91 (originally $130) at Adidas

These New Balance sneakers are popular among runners and walkers and feature a soft foam midsole. According to Pinker, they're "very well-constructed and durable with added cushion."

These sneakers also feature a mesh upper that's both supportive and breathable, which helps reduce foot moisture on a hot summer day.

$210 at New Balance

Pinker recommends the Hoka Arahi 7s as one of the best walking shoes for the summer because they're a true stability shoe. The shoes feature J-Frame construction, which is a firmer density foam that runs along the side of the shoe to help control the foot from rolling inward and provides support.

These shoes are also known for their durability, thanks to their rubber construction that offers good traction and abrasion resistance. 

$180 at Hoka

The Women's WK450 Walking Shoes from Keen are designed with features including a supportive midsole, plush cushioned footbed and durable outsole, making them suitable for various walking activities

This is a "good all-terrain sneaker composed of recycled materials," Pinker explains. Shoppers can comfortably (and confidently) wear them whether walking, running or hiking thanks to their all-terrain rubber outsole for higher-traction grip.

$150 at Keen

Sorel's Out N About III City Women's Sneakers are a great choice for unpredictable summer weather, offering waterproof protection to keep your feet dry.

These sturdy-yet-lightweight sneakers feature enhanced traction on the sole, providing peace of mind against slipping in the rain — especially if you're running late. The outer sole also features vulcanized rubber, which is highly durable and typically has a longer lifespan than other shoe materials.

From $98 (originally $130) at Sorel

The Saucony Integrity Walker 3s are a great option for those looking for a supportive walking shoe — and they come in regular, narrow, wide and extra-wide sizing.

These shoes feature a full-grain leather upper for a secure fit to last all day, making them ideal for long walks. They're also made with sturdy construction that helps stabilize your feet, and they feature extra padding for shock control — which helps those with lower arches feel more comfortable.

$150 at Saucony

Pinker touts these New Balance sneakers as "excellent walking shoes" and also come in standard, wide and extra wide, making them another great option for wider feet (or custom orthotics). Their design helps drive you forward, and the midsole cushioning features lightweight foam to make you feel supported all day.

These shoes also feature reflective accents to make you more visible to motorists or cyclists, especially during evening walks.

$260 at New Balance

The Adidas Samba OG Shoes are one of the brand's most popular sneakers, and for good reason. Pinker says these shoes are "rather stylish" — so it's easy to see why they have become a fashion staple while still being suitable for various casual activities.

The leather upper and rubber outsole are built to withstand regular wear and tear, making them reliable for any weather the summer brings.

These shoes run a bit narrow — so if you have wide feet, you may want to size up a half size.

$130 at adidas

The Keen Women's Targhee IV Waterproof Hiking Shoes are a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts who like to go on summer hiking adventures. They're designed with comfort in mind, featuring a cushioned midsole and a supportive footbed that conforms to the shape of your foot.

They're made from breathable material that allow moisture to escape while keeping water out and making sure your feet stay dry and comfortable, even during long hikes.

"These are hiking shoes and boots with added traction on the outsole and added ankle support for those walking on uneven terrain," Pinker says. "They are also well-designed and environmentally friendly."

$200 at Keen

Lululemon analyzed one million scans of women's feet to create this shoe's fit and cushioning profile. The sneakers feature a 3D-moulded midfoot that hugs your foot while supporting every step.

It also has soft and spring-like cushioning with a durable, segmented outsole that is perfect for walking on pavement.

$168 at Lululemon

Under Armour's Unisex UA SlipSpeed Mega Running Shoes are a multi-dimensional shoe with a convertible heel design that flexes between slip and speed modes with style. 

These shoes also feature an increased midsole height and a more narrow toe box for a faster and sleeker style, as well as a cool-to-the-touch ISO-chill technology-padded interior to keep you cool no matter how far you walk in the heat.

$170 at Under Armour

Sorel's Kinetic Impact II Wonder Lace Sneakers are designed to blend style, comfort and performance. They have great arch support for everyday activities, with a stable platform and cushioned heel that help reduce strain on the feet and legs.

This shoe has a lightweight molded LIVELYFOAM midsole to help add that extra layer of comfort whether you're walking to work or taking a leisurely walk around town.

$155 at Sorel

Pinker recommends On's Cloudmonster 2 because of the cushioned midsole for shock absorption. The shoes have a dual-density foam construction that maximizes cushioning levels.

$230 at Altitude Sports

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