'I’ve finally found a functional and super stylish dish rack'

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In need of a new dish rack? Keep reading. (Getty Images)
In need of a new dish rack? Keep reading. (Getty Images)

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"I want a chic Instagram kitchen," I told my husband when we first moved into our house.

He had no idea what that meant but he nodded agreeably and we set about trying to copy all the uber-stylish kitchens that sat in the 'saved' section of my Insta app.

The problem though, is once you start actually using a kitchen, keeping up that minimalist look is near impossible – especially, I found, when it comes to the washing up.

You can buy a toaster that matches your light fittings and spend hours curating a spice rack, complete with calligraphy name tags on all the herb shakers, but you will inevitably end up with a stack of washing up drying next to the sink and it will ruin the entire aesthetic.

So, I set myself a mission. Find a dish rack that would be both functional and also not ruin the look of the kitchen, or feel like an eyesore when people came round.

Enter the Joseph Joseph Connect Adjustable 3-Piece Dishrack.

I bought it in desperation one night on Amazon, having already tried out several dish racks (all much more pricey and, yes, pretty, but useless in reality).

Having been burned by my prior attempts I was hesitant to feel smug about the purchase but as soon as it arrived, I knew I needn't have worried.

It is the closest thing to modern art we have in our kitchen now – it's sleek, it's aesthetically-pleasing, its multiple layers can be adjusted so that it's as useful as possible and the perfect size for the volume of washing up you have, plus it has an integrated spout so that it drains straight into the sink rather than just collecting murky dishwater at the bottom and looking (and smelling) unsightly.

The dish rack comes in two colourways: white and green or grey and black. (Joseph Joseph)
The dish rack comes in two colourways: white and green or grey and black. (Joseph Joseph)

£27.90 £35 at Amazon

If you are not someone who has spent hours and hours searching for the perfect dish rack, then my response might seem a little OTT, but I promise you that, until you've had a practical version that also ticks the pretty box, you won't fully understand the joy.

It even makes the actual act of washing up and then unstacking the drained dishes easier, due to the movable cutlery drainer and the spacing between the dish-holding prongs.

Plus, the non-slip rubber feet mean that, even when the sideboard is covered in suds, there's no chance of slippage – meaning less chance of breaking things or having to continually rebalance all the crockery.

I've already converted several friends and even my husband, who was sceptical about me spending more money on 'kitchen gadgets' agrees that it's worth at least triple its value.

So, is the Joseph Joseph Connect Adjustable 3-Piece Dishrack going to immediately transform your home into an Instagram-worthy abode? No (sorry). But is it going to upgrade your kitchen, save you time and energy, and stop your sink area looking like such an eyesore? Yes.

Thought you couldn't feel smug while washing up? Think again, friends.

Buy it: Joseph Joseph Connect Adjustable 3-Piece Dishrack | £27.90 (Was £35)

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