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Best product you can use to clean your washing machine

how to clean washing machine
How to clean your washing machine. (Getty Images)

There are many things that often get pushed to the bottom of our to-list list – chores that we may need a bit of a nudge to finally sort.

One of these may be finally getting around to cleaning your washing machine, especially if it starts to get a bit whiffy.

The residue from detergent and minerals from the water can build up which is another bacteria magnet that can also affect the efficacy of your machine.

So if your clothes emerge not smelling as clean and fresh as they should, it’s time to tackle the issue.

In fact, most experts recommend cleaning your washing machine once a month. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a handy guide of some highly recommended and top-rated products that can get your washing machine filter, seal, drawer and drum all looking ultra-fresh.

Best washing machine cleaning hacks

Detergent drawer: An oft-forgotten haven for germs, this gets mouldy super-quickly, not to mention encrusted with old detergent. But you can remove the entire drawer and scrub around behind it too. This little-known fact went viral recently after Faith Earle shared before and after pics of her clean drawer on the Facebook group Cleaning Tips and Tricks.

How to: In March 2020, Mrs Hinch recommended on her Instagram Story using Flash Bathroom Spray for the drawer. As for the cavity behind where the drawer sits, she uses a combo of bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar along with her trusty Sonic Scrubber for harder-to-reach places.

Mrs Hinch approved product: Flash Spray Bathroom | £2 from Wilko

£2 at Wilko

This Mrs Hinch-approved cleaner dissolves grease and dirt while leaving a fresh scent shine. For only £2, it's a worthy addition to your cleaning cupboard.

Mrs Hinch approved product: SonicScrubber Household Electrical Cleaning Brush | £18.99 from Amazon

£18.99 at Amazon

The ultimate tool for power cleaning hard to reach areas - the brand claims to reduce cleaning time by 57%! And with over 30,000 reviews saying things like "game changer" "brilliant" and "amazing", it's a big hit with customers.

Drum and seal: So many germs can hide and fester here, so experts advise running a hot, empty wash every couple of months. Don’t forget to clean around the seal of the door, either.

How to: The empty wash should be no less than 60 degrees. Simply put some Lakeland HG Service Engineer into the soap tray and let it do its magic. Influencer Lynsey Queen of Clean advises a weekly wipe with detergent for the rubber seal around the door. Or mix some bicarbonate of soda with white wine vinegar until it forms a paste, then use a small brush [an old toothbrush would be perfect] to get right into the crevices.

Filter: Say what? Usually hidden behind a little cover on the lower front of your machine (consult your User Manual if you can’t find yours), it’s essential to regularly remove the fluff and dirt that has built up inside.

How to: Open the cover, carefully free the drain tube inside and unplug it to let any trapped water/gunk out (place a bowl underneath to catch it). Plug it up again after, but before putting it back and shutting the cover, check inside the cavity and carefully wipe out any gunk.

Top-rated washing machine cleaning products

While we're all up for giving easy at-home cleaning hacks a go, sometimes they just don't cut it and you need a little more help.

We’ve done the trawling so you don’t have to and found products with rave four and five-star reviews that will help you get your washing machine seriously clean, without the hassle.

HG Service Engineer Dishwasher & Washing Machine Cleaner | £7.99 from Lakeland

£7.99 at Lakeland

This washing machine product has been developed in conjunction with specialist repair companies to remove limescale, soap and dirt buildup, and includes a three-year guarantee. Any wonder customers say "I swear by this" and "I have used other cleansers but this is the best far!"

Dr. Beckmann Service-it Deep Clean Washing Machine Cleaner | £3.30


£3.30 at Amazon

This removes 99.9% of bacteria and other nasties/odours, leaving a fresh lemon scent. It also absorbs and neutralises dirt build-up and residue – hello longer washing machine lifespan. And it has over 12,000 reviews saying things like "works great!" "my go-to" and "super fresh".

Quickshine Washing Machine Descaler Tablets | £6.99 Lakeland

£6.99 at Lakeland

This removes caked-on detergent as well as limescale from pumps, pipes and the heating element. Customers say: "A washing machine must. This is the best product I've found for this job" and "have used these for years, they are brilliant. Please, Lakeland, don’t ever stop selling them!"

Calgon 3-in-1 Washing Machine Cleaner and Water Softener | £19.99 from Amazon

£19.99 at Amazon

These 3-in1 Calgon tablets are always popular buy on Amazon. They help to soften the water, prolonging the life of your washing machine by protecting it against limescale, dirt and odours.

Pro-Kleen Washing Machine Cleaner and Descaler | £14.95 Amazon

£14.95 at Amazon

With nearly 1,000 reviews saying things like "Works perfectly" and "fantastic stuff", this cleaner and descaler is a winner because of its efficacy in getting rid of odours, build-up and limescale on internal pipework to improve your machine's lifespan.

Dettol Washing Machine Cleaner, Lemon Breeze, Multipack of 6 x 250 ml | £18 Amazon

£18 at Amazon

"Dynamite" "fantastic" and "works perfectly" are just some of the glowing reviews for this product which kills 99.9% of bacteria, removes limescale and odours as well as hidden dirt.

Eco-friendly washing machine cleaning buys

Of course, when cleaning anything, it's great to be as planet-friendly as possible.

Here are some top eco-friendly cleaning products for guilt-free bacteria-busting.

Ecozone Magnoball | £6.33 from Amazon

£6.33 at Amazon

As an eco-friendly solution, this Magnoball prevents and removes limescale build-up, which helps your machine function more efficiently and means you can use less detergent. Over 2,000 Amazon reviews say it's "magic" and a "no brainer" purchase.

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