The best of Lizzo and Harry Styles at The Brit Awards

Photo credit: Jim Dyson - Getty Images
Photo credit: Jim Dyson - Getty Images

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There is so much to unpack from last night's 2020 Brit Awards, from Lewis Capaldi's speech being bleeped out after he showed up on stage with a bottle of Buckfast to Billie Eilish's emotional acceptance speech, it was a real rollercoaster night.

But, by far and away the best bits of the night were the ones involving Lizzo and Harry Styles, who shall be referred to as Hizzo from now on. Hizzo, aka the greatest celebrity power duo of the moment, appeared to have the best night of all our lives, flirting up a storm. And frankly, we couldn't get enough of it. So, we've taken the time to compile a detailed list of Hizzo's best 2020 Brits moments. Enjoy.

The shoulder tap

When asked about Harry during an interview with Jack Whitehall, Lizzo reached round to grab Harry from the next table, tapping him on the shoulder with the kind of unashamed eagerness that breaks hearts.

The hand-hold and the boob-squash

The tapping ended, not only in a hand-hold for several seconds but also this very tender cuddle.

The tequila chug

In the middle of their interview Jack Whitehall told the crowd that Harry was apparently sipping on a wine glass filled with neat tequila, and passed it to Lizzo to prove it. Lizzo promptly necked the entire thing, while Harry cheered her on. You guys.

This, of course, led to a video of Lizzo later in the night, slurring her words as she told people she drank "a whole cup of Harry Styles' tequila" while more or less getting with a Brit award. What you might call, 'an iconic moment'.

Let's also not forget that Lizzo came dressed as a chocolate bar, while Harry looked a little bit like purple one from a box of Quality Street...

Photo credit: Karwai Tang - Getty Images
Photo credit: Karwai Tang - Getty Images

Sure, you could say I'm reading into it. But in my mind it's Hizzo4Eva and that sweet collab is basically already in motion.

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