Expert-approved baby sleep aids, from music to sleepsuits

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Lots of people will tell you that you can wave goodbye to your own sleep when you have a baby (you can sign up to a coffee delivery service here), but what about your baby?

Trying to get your baby or toddler to go to sleep, and then stay asleep, isn’t always an easy ask and working out why they can’t nod off can feel like even more of a brainteaser.

The topic of baby sleep aids features in Yahoo UK’s video series The Baby Bump with Lauren Pope, where Sarah Ockwell-Smith, Antenatal Teacher and Doula, as well as author of The Gentle Sleep Book gave us all her expert-approved product recommendations to help you (and your baby) catch those zzz’s more easily.

The products listed below provide gentle sleep solutions, reassurance and calming for your baby, toddler and preschooler. And best of all? They’re all on Amazon so you can get them in double-quick time.

From aromatherapy to music to lighting; Sarah’s top choices are definitely worth adding to your basket- and your routine.

Expert-approved baby sleep aids

Lumie Bedbug Bedside Light | £44.99

This bedside light can be used while getting ready for bed and reading stories and left on overnight as a nightlight. It features low blue light, so is non-inhibiting without having to use a red light in the room.

Plus, it features a sunset option which will gradually darken the room after bedtime and then start to bring the light back in in the morning.

Auraglow Automatic Plug in Colour Changing LED Nursery Night Light | £9.99

This light with daylight sensor is ideal for adding a gentle light to nurseries, children’s bedrooms, landings and hallways. To use in the hallway or nursery to prevent melatonin inhibition from normal light. Sarah recommends you use this in the hallway or nursery to prevent melatonin inhibition and set to red only.

Criacr 150ml Essential Oil Diffuser | £14.99

Use this oil diffuser with a relaxing, child-safe aromatherapy oil (like the Tisserand version listed below) such as lavender or roman chamomile to condition your child to a sleep scent.

It’s also a great to raise the humidity level if you use central heating or air conditioning in the bedroom, just make sure you set it to red only.

Tisserand Aromatherapy Sleep Better Oil | £7.22

This relaxing essential oil blend is perfect for night time. It’s a soothing mixture of soothing organic mandarin oil, organic lavender oil and organic ylang-ylang oil.

The blend can easily be poured into any vapourisers or diffusers and creates a tranquil atmosphere.

Supersoft White Luxurious Swirl Plush Satin Edged Baby Blanket | £9.90

Suitable for both a cot and a pram, this supersoft blanket both serves as a comfort object and a comfortable lining to help babies and toddlers drift off.

Gentle Sleep Music for Babies | £5.94

This music playlist will calm and comfort your baby (0 - 2 years) and to help them to lengthen their sleep

To use it effectively, simply pick one track only and play on repeat from the start of the bedtime routine (or nap) until morning.

Sleep Little Angel | £3.21

This beautiful rhythmic storybook, by Margaret Wise Brown, is ideal for bedtime according to Sarah.

Slumbersac Sleeping Bag with Feet with Poppers and Removable Sleeves | £31.99

These very cute Slumbersac sleep sacks with feet are just like standard sleeping bags, but with openings for your child’s feet.

They're great for helping your child as they learn to walk and explore their world for the first time and are designed in a way that the feet of the child fit inside the sleep bag when sleeping.

MAM Night Soothers | £5.75

These top-rated soothers are bestsellers on Amazon and are made with skin-soft silicone, accepted by 94 per cent of babies for the close resemblance to a mother's skin.

Nordic Naturals Baby's Dha | £19.59

Recent research has shown that Omega 3 supplements can improve sleep for children. Sarah recommends Nordic Naturals as a good brand to choose for babies and children as it is free of any added “nasties”.