Best anti-ageing products for dry skin: lotions, oils and serums

Suzanne Baum
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Months of lockdown, stress and the lack of fresh air played havoc with your mature skin?

Dryness is a common skincare concern and can get particularly worse as we age, so finding the perfect product is a must. After a long time stuck indoors, skin is likely to feel more parched than usual and look dry and dull.

As we get older, skin loses moisture and our natural oil and collagen production takes a dip. Skin is left feeling thirstier than ever - so hydrating it is the only solution.

It’s important to select a product that works well with your complexion, and in the case of older people, an anti-ageing one designed specifically for mature skin. The market is literally saturated with them so knowing what ingredients to look out for is important. After all, increasing the moisture in your skin and providing it with essential oils is fundamental for a healthy, glowing complexion.

What ingredients should you look for in anti-ageing products to help with dry skin?

Retinol is without a doubt the king of all anti-ageing skincare ingredients. Particularly when packed with an all-natural, mostly organic blend of shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamins that fight wrinkles and loss of firmness to the skin.

Vitamin C gets to work by neutralising the free radicals that cause stress to skin and lead to premature skin ageing. The ingredient also helps speed up the production of collagen in skin cells, which supports skin structure and delays signs of ageing.

Vitamin E is an oil-soluble nutrient that works to restore the lost moisture in skin.

Hyaluronic acid gives skin a serious moisture boost and works well as an anti-ageing ingredient by helping reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps skin retain moisture, creating a plumping effect.

Below we have gone skin deep in our search to bring you the best anti-ageing products for dry skin.

Eve Lom Time Retreat

Best for: An intensive night cream

Like a huge hug for your face, this night cream is the best! As it glides across the skin, you can feel it delivering enough hydration to soothe even the driest of complexions. The rich moisturiser contains the king ingredient retinol that can, and does, reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles; within a week skin felt brighter and even under eye bags looked less puffy. As soon as we used it, skin felt smooth and dry patches on the face from sunburn vanished almost overnight. An absolute joy to use in every way.


£90 | Eve Lom

Amanda Harrington Ultimate Face Miracle Moisture Cream

Best for: Sun-kissed skin

When it comes to tanned skin, the likelihood is that your face may be more dry than usual due to the effects of the sun. So who better to provide a product for the face when it comes to holiday skin than the beauty industries most respected tanning expert, Amanda Harrington. This cream is the ideal product if you want to lock in your tan and target specific patches of dryness. It is formulated with vitamin E that instantly goes to work helping improve the texture of skin. The lightweight formula contains an ingredient called bio-energy complex that aids in the production of collagen and elastin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Use it every day for a week and you’ll notice skin feels smoother, lines are less prominent and your tan remains glowing.


£40 | Space NK

Bioeffect EGF Serum

Best for: Instant results

You may not be familiar with EGF but it is popping up everywhere in the skincare market and is the next buzz word when it comes to anti-ageing products. EGF (which stands for epidermal growth factor) is used in medicine to speed up wound recovery, and also has multiple benefits to skin, including reducing the appearance of wrinkles, improving hydration, and preventing pigmentation. And this is the reason why it appears in our best picks. It works! A small amount applied at night left skin feeling refreshed, moisturised and plumped the following day.

Serums are even more important to use as your skin ages but finding one that is not sticky or leaves a residue on the face is hard. This is as soft as they come.


£125 | lookfantastic

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