Ben Shephard reveals Christmas mishap at London family home with wife Annie

Ben Shephard and his wife Annie
Ben Shephard and his wife Annie (getty)

Ben Shephard opened the doors to his family home in Richmond, London as he shared a festive home video with his Annie.

The former Good Morning Britain star joked he "wasn’t allowed to get near" the Christmas tree this year, and enlisted the help of Annie and his extended family. The fir tree was carried into place in front of their windows and placed in a wicker tray before being topped with lights and red, white and green baubles. See the transformation in the video...

While fans didn't get a close-up look at the details of the decorations, Ben and Annie previously revealed they own two very sentimental ornaments engraved with the letters 'S' and 'J' to represent their sons' names, Sam and Jack.

Fortnum and Mason wicker hampers were also placed on either side of the "wonk" tree with red stockings draped over the edges.

Ben Shephard and Annie Shephard
The couple live in Richmond, London (Getty)

Ben joked in the Instagram caption: "Ahhhh #TeamShep have put the tree up - actually @annieshepharddesign along with extended family did the heavy lifting. I obviously wasn’t allowed to get near it, other than lights and booze for all the decorators.


"Needless to say I completed my part of the job with trade mark commitment which explains why the tree is "on the wonk" and there’s lights all over it!"

ben shephard home dining room z
Ben has shared glimpses inside his family home on Instagram

The Tipping Point host later quipped that he had plans to secretly add more decorations when his wife wasn't looking! "Looks amazing...where's the West Ham baubles??" one fan asked, and he replied: "These get put up on the sly when the boss isn’t watching."

When asked about what he plans to do before he turns 50, he said that making memories with his kids was his priority before they leave the family home and move to University.

ben shephard hugging teenage sons jack and sam
The GMB host plans to spend as much time at home with his sons as possible before they move out (Instagram)

"Spending as much time with the boys and Annie as possible," he told Muddy Stilettos. "Sam will be off to uni in the blink of an eye and Jack is also much more independent. I want us to look back and have made the most of every minute.

"It’s hilarious – both Sam and Jack are taller and stronger than me and spend most of the time taking the mickey out of me! They’re enormous, much to their enjoyment and my embarrassment. But deep down I love it and am incredibly proud."

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