Beat Blue Monday By Starting A Totally New Fitness Regime Today

Supposedly the most miserable day of the year, today is the perfect time to forget about failed resolutions and shake it up to regain your motivation

How are you feeling today? A bit grim? It’s not surprising. Today is the worst.

Lack of sunshine, a desperate need for payday, holiday debts, already-failed New Year resolutions and a general lack of motivation have been totted up and today is ‘officially’ the most depressing day of the year.

Lacking in motivation today - you're not alone (REX)
Lacking in motivation today - you're not alone (REX)

But fear not, it’s also the perfect time to put failed resolutions behind you and start again, with the promise of steadily lengthening daylight hours and safe in the knowledge that the worst is behind us.

One of the best ways to cheer yourself up is by getting active. The idea of it might not be very appealing, but it’s a mood booster that’s great for your mental and physical health - and could be just what you need to get you out of this Blue Monday funk.

Victoria Pendleton, Olympic cycling champion and Fitness First ‘Red’ Monday ambassador, agrees: “Red Monday is about boosting your mood and energy levels on what many see as the most depressing day of the year.

“Exercise improves both mental and physical health, which should put a spring in your step and start your 2015 fitness goals off with a bang.”

Former GB cyclist Victoria Pendleton and Team GB gymnast Max Whitlock (Fitness First)
Former GB cyclist Victoria Pendleton and Team GB gymnast Max Whitlock (Fitness First)

And with 45 per cent of us giving up our healthy New Year resolutions by the end of January, it’s time to rethink them and make sure they’re achievable for the next 11 months of 2015.

So even if you succombed to dodgy food and drink choices over the weekend (last Friday was the most likely day for a NYR fail), you can redouble your efforts from today to turn this Blue Monday into a Go-Get-Em Red start to the week.

If you're struggling, we asked Olympic Cycling champ Victoria Pendleton for her motivational tips:

"I think if you commit to an exercise regime and you start sculpting your body there is an immense reward and satisfaction from doing that.

"You’re the only person who has the power to do that and that opportunity lies in everyone - absolutely anyone. You only need one thing and that’s the commitment to do it.

"After working out I feel really energised and a little bit gym smug which is a great way to face the day. You can also enjoy your food then….which is always a bonus."

But her top advice for making sure you stick on the path to your goals is getting help.

"Get your friends involved. It’s the best way. Commit to a programme in advance. Set dates and times because you’ll find you won’t want to let them down and you’ll all help each other along.

"I occasionally run with my neighbour or Scott and my dogs to keep me moving.

"Honestly as soon as you get back from an early morning run, I’m  like 'why was I even worried?'. Also lay your kit out in advance and have your bag packed as it’s so much harder to avoid. Buying a nice gym kit always helps too!"

Get some tips from Victoria and Max in your cab to the gym (Fitness First)
Get some tips from Victoria and Max in your cab to the gym (Fitness First)

If you need some more encouragement, Fitness First gyms are aiming to beat the blues by opening their doors for free today, as well as offering free taxi rides for Londoners across the city.

And if you're lucky Olympians Victoria Pendleton and Max Whitlock could be in the back seat ready to share fitness tips and motivational advice.
Order yours by tweeting #RedMondayFF and you could be on your way to three key Fitness First gyms (Bishopsgate, The Strand and Tottenham Court Road). Good luck!

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