Beard grooming tips and hacks, as most British men now have facial hair

An image of a man with full facial hair as a new survey reveals growing a beard is proving popular with Brits. (Getty Images)
More British men are option to grow a beard, a new survey has revealed. (Getty Images)

Beards and facial hair are growing in popularity among British men, with more than half (54%) of men sporting some form of stubble.

A survey by YouGov, which has been tracking the growth facial hair among UK men over the last decade, found that the figure has grown from just 37% of men who said they had facial hair in 2011.

Among those who have embraced the fuzz, the survey suggests that a full face of hair is the most popular choice. Currently, 34% of men say they have a beard and moustache, compared to 13% who have just stubble, 4% who have just a beard, and 2% with only a moustache.

Back in 2011, stubble was the most popular option with 19% of men saying they preferred it. Only 11% of men at the time said they had a beard and moustache.

Growing facial hair is particularly fashionable among the younger generation of men aged 18 to 39. In this age group, seven in 10 men (69%) had some form of facial hair, with a beard and moustache being the most popular choice (42%).

YouGov's recent survey on facial hair shows how it has grown in popularity over the last decade. (YouGov)
YouGov's recent survey on facial hair shows how it has grown in popularity over the last decade. (YouGov)

The appeal of facial hair has also grown among British women, with one in five (29%) now saying they prefer the appearance of a man with a beard. This is up from 6% in 2011 and 13% in 2016.

The younger generation of men’s preference for facial fluff is reflected in the interest women in the same age group have in it. The survey found that 34% of 18 to 29-year-old women say they prefer a man with a beard, compared to only 7% in 2011.

Luke Benson, celebrity hairdresser who looks after the likes of Roman Kemp, Tom Grennan, George Ezra, and the England football team, outlines his top five tips for keeping beards and moustaches trim and tidy.

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Pre-shaving tips

A man with black hair and a short beard and moustache washes his face with facial soap
Taking care of your facial skin and hair can help you look and feel better. (Getty Images)

Brush or comb your beard first before shaving, so all the hairs are laying even. This also releases any trapped hairs.

You should also use a good exfoliant before and after shaving to remove any impurities. If you are doing a close wet shave, exfoliating will also help to release potential ingrown hairs.

During shaving tips

Go against the grain to lose length, and with the grain to remove the illusion of bulk and skim off stray hairs.

If you want to sharpen your beard line underneath the jaw, always cut a straight line across. A curve will enhance the illusion of a double chin, and won’t give an attractive shape.

Post-shaving tip

In the background, a man with a beard and moustache holds a dropper with beard oil in it in the foreground and is about to squeeze some onto his palm
Using certain products can help your beard grow longer. (Getty Images)

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Using beard oils will help soften your beard. This is especially good if you are trying to tame your beard or help it grow longer.

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