Warning issued over bath dye trend going viral on social media

Caroline Allen
·2-min read
The warning comes after a man pranked his partner by adding blue dye to her bath. (Getty Images)
The warning comes after a man pranked his partner by adding blue dye to her bath – not pictured here (Getty Images)

A dye manufacturer has been forced to issue a warning discouraging people from copying a viral bath prank posted to social media.

YouTuber Kristen Hanby, 27, sparked outrage after he dyed his girlfriend, Jasmine Woodward, blue while she was taking a bath.

He then posted the video of his prank on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook, where it has had a mixed reaction, with some criticising his ‘joke’.

The clip shows Hanby mixing blue dye into Woodward’s bath along with bubbles.

Afterwards, Woodward can be seen covered from her shoulders to her feet in the dye.

The video - in which Woodward was described as “the world’s angriest Smurf” by her partner - has been viewed 651,000 times on YouTube.

One woman shared the video on Twitter with the caption “I don’t find this funny at all omg.”

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Dylon Dyes, which was the dye used in this trend, have now released a warning to copycats looking to try it at home.

“We would highly encourage people to avoid imitating this act,” Rachel Ferreira, Brand Manager at DYLON Dyes said.

“When using our range of DYLON fabric dyes, it’s important to follow the instructions shown on pack which outlines what the product can be used for.

“Dyes are intended to be used on fabrics only and should not be used on skin as this could be harmful or even trigger an allergic reaction.”

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While the majority of people were pretty miffed by the YouTuber’s decision to do this to his girlfriend, the warning is an important one - particularly with the rise of “cloutlighting”.

Cloutlighting has risen in popularity since the launch of TikTok. It’s a term similar to gaslighting which sees people attempting to gain internet fame by physically or mentally harming the other people in the video.

After the video went viral, a number of people got in contact with DYLON to share their concerns about the damage the dye could do to people if the prank got out of hand.

“My question is how do you get your natural skin colour back after something like this?” One person asked.

Although the answer remains unclear, people have suggested using copious amounts of body lotion to soak up the dye.