Parents are lying down on their toddlers for fun in an adorable new TikTok trend

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Toddlers are unpredictable at the best of times. (Getty Images)
Toddlers are unpredictable at the best of times. (Getty Images)

A new craze on popular social media app TikTok is proving popular with parents – and serving up a dose of cuteness for all users.

The ‘lie on your toddler’ challenge is designed to test your toddler’s mood while they’re watching their favourite TV shows.

In the viral videos, a parent generally will sit down next to their toddler and lie their head in their child’s lap while they’re engrossed in the TV –just to see what reaction they get.

As many parents will attest, toddlers can be unpredictable at the best of times, which is what makes this challenge so amusing.

One mum received an unexpected surprise from her daughter and it’s safe to say it’s one of the most heartwarming things you’ll see today.

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There were plenty of other cute - and some just plain hilarious - responses to the new challenge.

One woman, who tried the challenge with her son, was also very surprised by the toddler’s loving reaction.

The video, which received 6.3 million views, sees her son cuddling up to her before stroking her face and hair. In the caption, the mum wrote: “I for sure thought I’d get whacked in the face, pleasant surprise.”

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Fellow TikTok users flooded the mum’s account with sweet comments.

“The way he looks at you,” one user wrote with crying eyes emojis.

“That’s true love right there. He will be an amazing man when he grows up because of you, mum, keep up the amazing work.”

True to form, not every toddler was too keen on having their favourite TV show interrupted by their parents, though.

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Popular TikTok user David Henrie didn’t quite get the loving gaze he was after, and instead received a swift kick to the head.

As he tries to lie on his daughter’s lap, she looks unimpressed and kicks him off. Undeterred, Henrie tries for a second - and then a third - time only to be met with the same less than enthusiastic push.

It seems not all babies are privy to the “act cute” TikTok rule and this girl certainly didn’t want her dad getting in the way of her TV programme for the sake of a sweet social media video.

This isn’t the first gem TikTok has given us recently.

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Might TikTok be the new place to go for a parenting pick-me-up?

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