Barber's 'free condom' marketing strategy goes hilariously wrong

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A barber used free condoms as part of his marketing strategy. [Photo: Getty]
A barber used free condoms as part of his marketing strategy. [Photo: Getty]

A Texas-based barber is the subject of ridicule on Twitter after circulating free condoms with holes stapled through them.

Jake Gamez, 23, handed out the protective gear along with business cards for his barber shop, Fadeaway, according to a tweet.

He assured customers they would “need” the contraception after getting a haircut from him.

However, it didn’t take long for someone to point out the fatal flaw in his marketing strategy.

In the picture, the condoms are stapled to the back of the business card through the middle – creating holes in the contraception, which renders them useless.

Others joked that those falling pregnant using the dud condoms would be able to bring their children in with them, too.

It was also suggested Gamez’s condoms were actually a clever scheme to double his clientele.

Whether Gamez was in on the joke or not, his not-so-useful condoms have certainly helped to raise his profile.

The tweet has garnered 10,127 retweets and 40,008 retweets since it was posted last Sunday.

Gamez isn’t the first person to achieve viral fame in the past week.

Dennis Naghizadeh, who has since dubbed himself “Pineapple King of Twitter”, went viral on the platform after sharing a demonstration of an innovative method for eating a pineapple.

Earlier this year, a frequent flyer shared his clever travel tips with the internet, from using melatonin when “jetlag hits you on the second night” to taking antibacterial wipes for the food tray on the flight.

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