Artist gets Ariana Grande tattoo with 'terrible' giant forehead

Danielle Fowler
Freelance Writer
A tattoo artist was asked to ink a purposefully bad portrait of Ariana Grande [Photo: Caters]

A US tattoo artist recently received one of his most unusual requests to date after a close friend asked for a purposefully bad ink of Ariana Grande - which he drew himself.

Tattoo expert, Roy Lee Rowlett, is used to being comissioned to create awe-inspiring pieces of artwork for his clients. But when the 31-year-old’s friend, Kevin Park, asked for a bizarre take on the singer’s portrait, he had to agree.

The unusual ink was created by Park, also known as @Tw1tterpicasso, who is famed for distorting A-listers to create a more humorous take on their appearance.

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The large tattoo on his thigh, which took an hour to complete, depicts the songstress with an unflatteringly large forehead sketched in a Picasso-esque manner.

A photograph of the Ariana Grande tattoo [Photo: Caters]

“Kevin is one of my best friends,” Rowlett revealed. “We made jokes about Kevin getting a tattoo of one of his pieces and one day he decided to get it.”

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“He thought Ariana Grande was the funniest so that’s the one he went with. It was one of the funnest tattoos I’ve done in a long time.”

The photograph in which the tattoo was based on [Photo: Cater]

Thankfully, both Rowlett and Parker were left impressed with the bizarre result.

“I love the finished piece, and Kevin loves it,” Rowlett said.

Will you be looking to the artist for inspiration ahead of your next ink?

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