Hunter, Aurora top list of baby names parents regret

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Baby Boris was unimpressed with his baby's choice of moniker. (Getty Images)
Baby Boris was unimpressed with his baby's choice of moniker. (Getty Images)

Hunter and Aurora top the list of baby names parents regret calling their children, a new survey has revealed.

Whether you spend hours scouring baby name websites or you turn to celebrities or your favourite Netflix series for inspo, naming an actual human being is a big responsibility, huge.

And the last thing you want to have is baby name regret.

But according to a new survey that’s exactly how many parents in the UK are feeling about their choice of baby moniker.

The team at quizzed 5,842 parents about their baby name choices, they found that 73% of mums and dads had thought of better monikers for their offspring after naming them.

In terms of the boys names parents regret the most Hunter tops the list with 32% of parents with a child called Hunter admitting they regret it.

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The most surprising entry on the list is the official most popular boys name (according to latest data), Oliver, with 24% of parents saying they regret naming their son that, presumably due to the popularity of it.

When it came to girls names, Aurora is the name parents regret most, at 35%.

Meanwhile Lyla and Arabella are among the top three names parents are no longer keen on, coming in at 32% and 28% respectively.

The top five reasons parents gave for feeling regretful about their little one’s moniker were: not thinking it suits them (64%), the fact their partner picked it (48%), a friend choosing the name for their own child (37%), a child getting teased for their name at school (32%) and a celebrity naming their child the same name (26%).

A third (30%) of mothers and fathers admitted they didn’t give their child’s name enough thought beforehand. also asked parents to list 10 names they would never call their kids, compiling a top three for boys and girls.

Unsurprisingly the results reveal the biggest name no no’s are linked to politics and popular culture.

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Out of the names parents said they would never give to their children, Boris - the first name of the UK prime minister, Boris Johnson - and Donald (the name of the US President Trump) occupied the first and second spot.

Karen was top of the list for girls at 83%, most likely as a result of the endless TikTok videos dedicated to the Karen meme, and presumably so they don’t have a daughter who is always asking for the manager.

Meanwhile 61% of the parents surveyed said they would refuse to call their daughter Meghan, after the Duchess of Sussex.

And somewhat unsurprisingly, the girls name Isis also appeared in the would-never give my child list.

Parents are suffering from baby name regret. (Getty Images)
Parents are suffering from baby name regret. (Getty Images)

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Top 10 boys’ name parents regret:











Top 10 girls’ names parents regret:











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What do you mean you're calling me Donald? (Getty Images)
What do you mean you're calling me Donald? (Getty Images)

Boys names that parents would refuse to give their kids

Boris - 76%

Donald - 63%

Manson - 43%

Girls names that parents would refuse to give their kids

Karen - 83%

Isis - 72%

Meghan - 61%

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