Your baby names fall into one of 13 'tribes', research reveals

The "tribes" were determined after the ONS released the most popular names on 2018. [Photo: Getty]
The "tribes" were determined after the ONS released the most popular names on 2018. [Photo: Getty]

This week, the most popular baby names of 2018 were revealed.

Oliver and Olivia both retained their title on the number one spot for 2018, with Oliver being crowned number one for the sixth year in a row.

And now, after analysis of 170,000 Mumsnet posts, research has revealed that every name falls into one of thirteen categories.

What tribe do you fall into?

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Flower power

One for the girls only, where names like Rose, Lily, Violet, Ivy and Daisy reign supreme.

Divinely inspired

Names like Mary, Joseph, Isaac and Noah - which all have origins in the bible - fall into this religious category.

Grandparent chic

These names were popular in the 1920s and now they’re having a resurgence. Think Dorothy, Wilfred, Ava, Alfie and Evelyn.

Royal babies

If the names are good enough for the royals, they’re good enough for us. At least, that’s what people with babies named George, Louis, Charlotte or Elizabeth think.

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Shortened and sweet

These names are shortened versions of popular names. Ben, Katie, Charlie and Teddy all fall into this category.

Tried, trusted traditionalists

These people know their baby names will stand the test of time, because they’re the most popular names of the generation. Hello Oliver, Olivia, Sophia and Jack.

Cautious celts

From Rory to Angus, Siobhan to Caoimhe, these names all come from Celtic origin.

Disney divas

What’s not to love about Disney? Nothing, according to the parents naming their children the likes of Elsa and Belle.

Hidden gems

Gem stones have made great baby names for a long time. People named Jade and Ruby will certainly concur.

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Old schoolers

Names that were popular in the baby boomer generation, including Keith, Sharon, Sarah and Paul all slot into this category.

Last names first

This list used to be dominated by boys, but that has slightly shifted in recent years. Names like Hunter, Tyler and Taylor are included here.

Super modern

These names have only recently been invented and in some cases there’s only one or two people per year called this. Think Bear, Jax and Canary.

Classy Classicists

These names were probably picked from your favourite classical novel or philosopher. Children like Persephone and Aristotle have rather famous namesakes.

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