Kirsty, Gemma, Craig and Andrew: The baby names becoming 'extinct' in 2019

Midwife and mother checking on sleepy newborn baby
Baby names such as Kirsty and Andrew have fallen out of fashion this year.

The names Kirsty, Shannon and Craig are so last generation, according to government records.

Girls’ names Danielle and Gemma, and boys’ names Kieran and Scott are also among those on their way out, according to a release from the Office of National Statistics.

Nor will you hear of many baby girls being named Rachel, Samantha, Jodie or Lauren, or baby boys being named Jordan, Andrew or Christopher.

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While it’s likely you have friends with these names, it seem today’s mums and dads aren’t passing the “extinct” monikers down to their own children – with no parents choosing them for their babies born in 2019.

Extinct baby girl names

  1. Kirsty

  2. Shannon

  3. Danielle

  4. Gemma

  5. Jodie

  6. Lauren

  7. Jadie

  8. Rhiannon

  9. Ashleigh

  10. Chelsea

  11. Leanne

  12. Samantha

  13. Hayley

  14. Rachel/Rachael

Extinct baby boy names

  1. Craig

  2. Jordan

  3. Kieran

  4. Scott

  5. Ashley

  6. Shane

  7. Shaun

  8. Sean

  9. Andrew

  10. Christopher

  11. Curtis

  12. Dean

  13. Connor

  14. Callum

So what sorts of names are replacing them?

The most popular baby names for 2019 were recently announced, with Olivia, Sophia and Lily – in descending order – enjoying the three top spots, and Muhammad, Noah and George proving the most popular for boys.

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Ava, Mia and Isla (for girls) and Oliver, Charlie and Harry (for boys) also ranked in the top 10 so far for 2019.

Looking for something a little more unique for your little one?

Retro names such as Beryl, Maud and Quentin are apparently making a comeback.

Alternatively, some parents are paying homage to their favourite television shows and naming their newborns after characters from ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Game of Thrones’.

And if you get it wrong? You could make like one new mum, who changed her baby’s name after one year – blaming her original choice on “pregnancy hormones”.