The top 20 baby names Brits wish they had been given – including Jack and Lily

Adorable looking baby during bath time
A new study has revealed the leading baby names that Brits wish they had been given. (Getty Images)

New research has revealed the leading baby names that Brits wish they had been given – including Jack, Lily, Max and Sophia.

The survey discovered that almost a third of us are not happy with the name which our parents christened us with.

This had led to an incredible 40% resorting to using a nickname, while nearly a quarter of those interviewed avoid using their birth name entirely (23%).

One in ten people make a point of telling people to call them something else, and three per cent have changed their name officially by deed poll.

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The research, commissioned by Leonardo Hotels UK & Ireland, found that the main reason for a person disliking their name was that it was old-fashioned (35%).

This was followed by not feeling like it suited them (28%), that it was too common (19%) and that it was no longer cool (14%).

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Jack and Lily were among the most-desired names. (Getty Images)

Additionally, the survey – which quizzed more than 2,000 UK-based adults – discovered that one in ten (11%) were teased at school about their name, while others believed their name was too hard to pronounce (9%).

Other gripes included being named after a distant relative who they had never met (6%) or their parents' favourite pop star serving as inspiration (4%).

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As many as 30% have confronted their parents over their name, and 6% have fallen out with them over it.

The study also revealed which names Brits would have preferred to have been called instead which included Adam, George, Mia, Stevie and Freya.

The 20 baby names Brits wish they had been given

1. Jack – 4%

2. Lily – 4%

3. Sophia – 3%

4. Max – 3%

5. Willow – 3%

6. Isabella – 3%

7. Summer – 3%

8. Grace – 3%

9. Amelia – 3%

10. Olivia – 3%

11. Adam – 3%

12. Joe – 3%

13. George – 3%

14. Mya – 2%

15. Johnny – 2%

16. Clint – 2%

17. Mia – 2%

18. Stevie – 2%

19. Freya – 2%

20. Evie – 2%

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