Ayda Field: I wish I had met Robbie Williams sooner

Ayda Field reflects on her marriage to Robbie Williams credit:Bang Showbiz
Ayda Field reflects on her marriage to Robbie Williams credit:Bang Showbiz

Ayda Field wishes she had met Robbie Williams sooner than she did.

The 43-year-old model tied the knot with former Take That star Robbie, 48, in 2010 after four years of dating but wonders why she had to go through a string of failed romances beforehand even though it would have been a "different story" had they met at any other time.

She said: "There's something that someone told me once which I have to remind myself when I have doubt and fear is like what's meant for you doesn't pass you by. So hard to remember that sometimes when you want to control a situation or there's an outcome you want and it's not happening. You think, I'm going to bend this to my will or that was meant for me and I've lost this thing that I was supposed to have. Robbie and I talk about it sometimes that, you know, God I wish we'd met sooner.

"Why did I have to go through all those d********? Why did you have to sleep with all those supermodels? But why didn't we start this earlier? But honestly, I really think that Rob would have completely f***** it up if I met him earlier. It would have been a completely different story. We were meant to be when we were meant to be!"

The former 'X Factor' judge - who has Teddy, nine, Charlie, seven, Coco, three, and two-year-old Beau with the 'Rock DJ' hitmaker - went on to add that her husband is "two different people" when he is on stage and when he is at home.

Speaking on her 'Postcards From the Edge' podcast, she said: "There's the stage persona called Robbie who pulls his pants down and says, I'm Robbie f****** Williams. Then there's like Rob at home who's wearing slippers and is the boozy and does little dances with the kids. And those are two different people and they both have to be confident to survive. Stage persona has got to be teflon. On the inside, the person we come home to, the person we go to bed with ourselves, has to be confident in a completely different and authentic way.