Aunt praises stranger for saving niece from bus harassers

Inside of bus
It wasn’t even 10pm yet [Photo: Pexels]

After a few drinks with her friends, an 18-year-old woman decided to catch the bus home.

Waiting at the stop, she texted her mum and aunt that she’d drop them a line when she’d got on – but as soon as she was on board, three young men began hassling her.

They chatted her up, insisting that she go for drinks with them, with one man moving her bag to the other side of him to block her getting it.

She politely declined over and over again, asking them to leave her alone, but they persisted – telling her they’d buy her drinks all night if she stayed with them and had a place to stay overnight in case she missed the bus.

woman at bus stop
Sometimes every safety precaution still fails you [Photo: Pexels]

Which is when someone else stepped in in a clever and subtle way, as the young woman’s aunt recalled on Reddit:

“After a few minutes this lad comes up to them, takes her bag off the seat, grabs her hand and tells the boys thanks for looking after his lady and pulled her away from them,” she wrote on the post titled ‘To the guy who helped my niece tonight‘.

“While walking her down the street, he tells her to walk normally, that his name’s Jake and that he was going to get her home.

Man on phone in dark
Thank goodness Jake wasn’t just another creep [Photo: Pexels]

“He asked what her name was, asked her if she could video call someone on her phone for him.”

This is when the clever bit comes in – when the young woman decided to call her aunt, the man told her his name and age, why he was with her, and screenshots of his face and number plate – just to prove he wasn’t doing anything dodgy.

He then took her home, told her mum she was being harassed and how he’d had to do something to help her.

Young woman on transport
She got home safe and sound [Photo: Pexels]

“Thank you for showing her what a real man does, thank you for making her feel safe,” wrote her aunt on Reddit.

“Thank you for making me see that some men are still raised right, and thank you for asking her out on a date – I hope it turns out to be as amazing as you seem to be!”

Did they go on a date? Was it really appropriate to ask her out on a date after that ordeal?

Either way, kudos to Jake for his quick thinking.

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