An astrologer breaks down what Cancer season 2024 has in store for your zodiac sign

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An astrologer breaks down Cancer season 2024 Hearst Owned

This Cancer season is all about reconnecting with self and reflecting on how far we have come since the Spring Equinox in March and taking stock of what worked out and what has been set down.

Listening to your body is key this month, the rational mind can only take us so far, so heed the butterflies and gut instincts guiding you to follow along the path that is genuine, intuitive and right for your whole being. Mantra to reflect on: If it feels wrong, thinking cannot make it right.

The Sun enters Cancer on June 20th, coinciding with the Summer Solstice. In the Western hemisphere, this is the longest day of the year, giving us that much needed emphasis on the natural currents of seasonal activity that our bodies crave reconnection to.

Cancer season runs from June 20– July 22

The very next day is the first of two Full Moons in Capricorn. This is a potent reminder that all things have a zenith and and end. With oppositions to Venus and Mercury in Cancer, this Full Moon is asking us to communicate our emotional needs clearly with others.

The body keeps the score and this is the time to tally up all that we have held in because we felt we had to. What was begun six months ago needs careful reflection, so write down what has changed for you since the New Year, note down what went well, and let go of what didn’t.


Neptune and Saturn will station to go retrograde this month also, pressing the pause button on the deep spiritual emotions we need to align with. Aided by the trines to all three planets in Cancer, this is the time to tune in. Emotions will be running high, so let them flow and release them out, journal or voice note or sing all the sappiest songs on your playlist.

Read below to see what this Cancer season has in store for your sun and rising sign...


Standing still and sitting in the discomfort is your least favourite pastime, but this season calls on you to do just that, no matter where it leads. Your watery 4th house and 12th house trine will lead you to delve into some deep emotional undercurrents that have been swimming to the surface of your mind for a while. Questions to ask are: What makes a house a home, how do you feel comforted and safe and how do you to recharge when retreat is necessary?


This season sees you getting in tune with your emotional needs like never before. Communicating your feelings and knowing what the best method is to get your point across are skills you have been working on, but this month will require it in abundance! You will see friends and social groups testing your emotional boundaries and bringing the feels to your door this month, so make sure you honour your own inner voice saying no, it’s ok to take time away and not engage with the drama. Slow and steady is your preferred mode, emotional equilibrium overrides all.


You’ve had a busy social calendar of late, but now is the time for some self-reflection. With your ruler mercury in your house of resources you will need to be careful how you spend and share your energy this month. There may not be enough to go around after you’ve given your emotional currency to the various work projects and social engagements you’ve signed up to, so make sure to not overstretch yourself and if in doubt, check in with your body’s natural cues, does it feel good to say yes or not? Communicating uncomfortable truths and reassessing what you thought you knew will make July a little sticky for you at times so give yourself some grace and remember to breathe!


The watery spotlight is on you this season and everyone around you will be looking to you for guidance through the emotionally turbulent waters. So set aside the ‘shoulds’ and let your instincts guide you. If it feels too much to handle, it’s time to pause and find a calm inner space, or an ice-cream fuelled Netflix binge, because Cancer is the sign that has to feel the feels regardless. If it means saying no to that invite or waiting to gather your thoughts before you reply, so be it. Let your body show you the way to proceed.

For Cancer rising, this month will bring up opportunities for you to reassess how you have approached emotional intimacy, how do you ask for what you need? What are the beliefs about yourself that underpin that method? Now may be the time to try a different way. Trines from your 9thhouse will aid you in opening the road to new holistic, body-centred ways to match your feeling with your speech.


For Leos and Leo rising, your ruler the sun will be transiting your 12th house this season. This can bring up hidden emotional triggers or external tripwires beyond your control. Issues around emotional intimacy and how you handle other people’s baggage may test you and challenge your pride. Chiron trining you in Aries at the end of June also brings up core wounds that you have left to simmer in your subconscious.

Now is the time to let out the demons and forgive yourself for letting the feels take over. Remember how far you’ve come since early this year, the process if unfolding for you to remain in tune with your emotional self, especially when it comes to your physical health, self-care is high on the agenda for you so don’t let other priorities supersede it.


This is a busy, sociable time for Virgos and the trine to Capricorn for both full moons means that having fun, going out and letting lose are on the cards, giving you the hottest summer of all the signs! Make the most of new connections and people you meet this month but make sure that any long term partners you have are given the emotional energy they need too as all the focus can tend to be on you this season. Transits through your 10thhouse have made you very visible and work has become super busy recently, so make sure to do your best scheduling and keep date nights going with the ones who are truly special to you, let them know how important they are.


For Libra risings, Cancer season brings major career shifts and your work arena might be extra chaotic as emotional arrows fly around you. Keep your self care routine on point and remember that you cannot give from an empty cup. Daily practice of meditation or simply walking mindfully can help you calm the nervous energy you’re picking up on. It’s important for you not to bend into other people’s routines, your morning coffee comes first! You may have fallen off the wagon with exercise and health plans that you made in the new year, but don’t beat yourself up, adapt to changes in your body with kindness, listen to physical queues and try a new dance class instead!


The deep rivers of emotion are becoming a torrent this month, Scorpio. Partnerships have been boosted recently and now it’s time to sit in the rawness of the connection you’ve made and ask yourself, how can I learn new ways to feel? All the trines to your Scorpio house are activated for Cancer season, giving you a chance to do what you do best, dig deep and get to the core of your own emotional needs and with that, better assess and connect with the needs of those you love. There is space for new creative outlets this month, so paint, make a collage, free associate words and above all, give yourself a fresh sheet of paper to start again.


Some intense topics are coming up for you this season, Sag. Big changes to home life and seeing yourself through the eyes of others have left you a little drained recently. With your ruler in Gemini on the 7th, you have a chance to sit in your feelings about home and safety, what makes you feel comfort and where can you nurture yourself more? You may be a bit of a home body this month, allow yourself that. Trines from your 8th to 4th houses may bring up anxieties you thought were long past. Perhaps consult a tarot reader about what karmic baggage you’ve been carrying and how to face your fears around intimacy head on.


The Full Moon this month and in July are both in your sign. This is a strong sign from the universe that intimate relationships, one on one partnerships or best friends are a high priority for your energy reserves right now. Ask yourself how the last six months have shown you’re a mirror image of yourself, reflected back through the closest people in your life. What have you learned about yourself? What self-analysis has helped you move forward and what are you still clinging to that doesn’t serve you. Focus on your communication style and choose your words carefully!


With Pluto retrograde in your sign all this month, there is a persistent nagging feeling that old habits are really dying hard, no matter how many times you cut them out for good. Lessons of love and acceptance, for your own shortcomings and the needs other bring to you, may leave you feeling in need of a recharge. Emotional wellbeing and work life balance, including how to step back and build heathier daily habits, are emphasised for you. Especially as your ruler is stationing in your 2nd house most of the season, issues around resources, having enough and getting what you need to sustain yourself are paramount.


Cancer season is activating your 5th house of fun, dating, romance and creativity. This could bring a lot of romantic attention your way, so look out for new connections around you. If you have children, this could also indicate a period of change in your relationship with them and a need to emotionally touch base. Saturn and Neptune stationary in the house of you will also force you to sit in your feelings for the coming months so embrace it as only you know how. You are the spiritual healer of the zodiac so make sure to give back to yourself this Cancer season and have fun, instead of taking on everyone else’s problems!

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