ASOS just released some fake butt crack jeans

Laura Beck
Photo credit: ASOS

From Cosmopolitan UK

ASOS is now selling fake butt crack jeans and maybe we should all buy a pair? I mean, it's 2017 and who knows what is even happening anymore so why not? The more butt cracks the better, I say! Double butt cracks for all!

Anyway, here they are in all their double crack glory:

Photo credit: ASOS

And a closer look because why not!

Photo credit: ASOS

ASOS bills them as "High Waisted Straight Leg Jeans with Open Back in Ashes Washed Black with Belt," but come on. Them's double butt crack jeans.

The only question left is: Who's buying them for me?? For only £38, you can see my double BC!

What. A. Deal.

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