Ashley Graham is making thigh brows a thing in a step forward for body positivity

[photo: Ashley Graham/Instagram]

It’s time for a round of applause, because the first realistic ‘body ideal’ has taken to the stage, and we’re all here to celebrate it.

We’ve watched all of the trends from ‘thigh gaps’ to ‘arm vaginas’ come and go, doing our best to ignore them but still comparing our bodies regardless.

But now model Ashley Graham is drawing attention to a new craze that we’re all on board with – the ‘thigh brow’.


A thigh brow is the visible line at the top of your leg when you’re wearing a high-cut swimsuit or underwear. It’s a far more body-positive movement because almost everyone can rock a thigh brow – it’s a completely natural crease on the body.

Although Graham isn’t the first to coin the term, her explanation of the term on television is giving women everywhere the opportunity to finally feel good about their body features.

“Inspiration!! Love you and your message to all Women,” someone commented.

“That’s such a cute name for them,” another replied.

Graham revealed the phrase on Tuesday’s episode of America’s Next Top Model, where she praised a contestant’s “thigh brow” in an underwear shoot.

To explain what she meant, the body-positive model pulled up her skirt to show the crease at the top of her thigh.

And it’s not only Graham who’s drawing attention to the phrase.

Elle officially defined the term as: “A set of folds that frames the tops of thighs and separates leg from bum.”


The Instagram hashtag for #Thighbows has more than 12,000 posts, and accounts like ‘Thighbrowss’ have been created purely to show off the position.

And we’re not too surprised at how the internet is reacting because – for once – it’s a realistic body expectation.

Hopefully, this one will be a trend that will hang around for a while.

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