Asda rabbit teapot with 'X-rated' spout leaves supermarket shoppers in hysterics

Lauren Clark
Asda are selling an ‘X-rated’ teapot, say shoppers [Image: Asda]

An Asda teapot has left shoppers in hysterics thanks to the unfortunate positioning of its spout.

Customers have joked the product, which currently costs £7, from the supermarket’s home range is “X-rated”.

The white teapot is designed to look like a rabbit, and comes with a green and cream knitted ‘jumper’ – or tea cosy – to keep your brew warm.

However, some have suggested the positioning of the spout on the rabbit’s lower half is perhaps ruder than the creators intended.

Supermarket customers have been left in hysterics over the spout’s unfortunate positioning [Image: Asda]

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Images of the teapot have gone viral on Twitter where shoppers couldn’t help but have a giggle.

One person joked: “Just found a teapot that looks like a fully erect bunny if anyone is interested. It’s reduced in Asda at the moment.”

Another teased: “Is it only me who thinks the rabbit should be called Randy?”

Alongside a picture of the product on the shelf, a third shared: “This teapot in Asda was quite pleased to see me!”

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Another commented: “I have a suspicion that @ASDA didn’t really think about the look of this teapot…Giving you a dose of the ‘Hot Stuff’.”

Meanwhile, a fifth baffled customer asked: “Not sure what @asda is thinking?!”

According to the supermarket: “Keep your tea toasty and warm with this bunny rabbit teapot from George Home, complete with an adorable knitted jumper.

“The unique bunny design will leave you feeling tempted to dunk carrots instead of biscuits, but we don’t recommend it.”

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It comes after several other supermarkets have been questioned about the products they are selling.

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And the “suggestive” pose of an M&S chocolate rabbit recently went viral.

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