Asda's Christmas menu includes elf ice cream and a foot-long pig in blanket

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor

Asda's Christmas offering: (from left) elf ice cream, winter spice gin & tonic, leg of lamb with smoky mint and redcurrant.

Asda has released its Christmas menu – and we’re already feeling excited for its festive spread.

Yes, we may be in the full swing of summer, but it seems the good people at the Leeds-based supermarket chain have been working overtime to plan some Yuletide grub to get us in the mood once winter rolls around.

Aiming to add a “touch of novelty” to your Christmas, the menu has everything from elf ice cream (we’ll explain) to a questionably traditional festive pizza.

Plus, there’s a fabulous range of booze for making merry with.

Here’s what’s on offer:

The main event

From a super-sized pig in blanket to a tree-shaped “Christmas pizza”, which comes complete with a roast dinner (stuffing balls, turkey and pigs in blankets), there’s more than enough to get excited about.

Extra Special 12 Pigs in Blankets Centrepiece. [Photo: Asda]

Then there’s the Extra Special Christmas Cracker and Extra Special Pigs in Blankets Centrepiece. It consists of regular bite-sized pigs in blankets served on a bed of stuffing containing turkey, pork, mashed potato, parsnips and Brussels sprouts, topped with bacon.

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Also, for those who frankly don’t see the hype around turkey, you’re in luck: there’s the Extra Special Whole Lamb Leg with Smoky Mint and Redcurrant – and its green and red garnish will help you set right anyone claiming it’s not “Christmassy” enough.

Extra Special Whole Lamb Leg with Smoky Mint and Redcurrant. [Photo: Asda]

Covering all bases, the chain will also be selling a Vegan Festive Wellington: puff pastry filled with chickpeas, cranberries, apricots and blended with festive spices, and finished off with a cranberry sauce.

Delicious desserts

For dessert, there’s mini penguin chocolate log cakes which look suspiciously like M&S’s Colin the Caterpillar. There’s also a “Pip the Penguin” sponge cake with a raspberry jam filling.

Plus, there’s the aforementioned elf ice cream (what do you mean, you haven’t heard of it?!) which, if you’re wondering, is green-coloured, raspberry flavoured, and swirled with white candy-floss flavoured ice cream, then topped with green, white and red candy cane shaped sprinkles.

Talk about a showstopper dessert.

Pip the Penguin Cake. [Photo: Asda]

Festive tipple

One for the grown-ups: Asda are selling Extra Special winter spiced gin.

That’s a spice mix of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves with notes of cranberry and clementine, designed to be combined with orange-flavoured tonic water. Well worth swapping your Aperol Spritz for once the season changes.

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On the horizon, the supermarket will also be offering marshmallow and mince pie flavoured gin liqueurs, although further details have not yet been announced.