Arnold Schwarzenegger serves up epic life advice on Reddit

Arnold Schwarzenegger has offered some motivation to a user on Reddit to help encourage him back to the gym [Photo: Getty]
Arnold Schwarzenegger has offered some motivation to a user on Reddit to help encourage him back to the gym [Photo: Getty]

Everyone needs a little motivation now and again. A pep talk to help you to pick yourself up, dust yourself down and get back to it. Particularly when it comes to hitting the gym.

But while many people get their inspo from a personal trainer or fitness influencer on Instagram, one Reddit user turned to Arnold Schwarzenegger to help encourage him to get his gym-going back on track.

In a post entitled “Arnie says take it one step at a time” the anonymous user explained that he’d been suffering from depression which had impacted on his desire to workout.

“I know this is pandering, but I’ve been depressed for months and haven’t hit the gym during that time,” the user explained before going on to issue a passionate plea to Arnie for some lifespo.

“Mr. Schwarzenegger can you please tell me to get off my lazy ass and hit the gym? I swear to everything I hold dear that I will snap out of it and go.”

The thread was shared to Reddit [Photo: Reddit]
The thread was shared to Reddit [Photo: Reddit]

And hearing his plea, Arnie offered his own take on the situation.

“I’m not going to be that hard on you,” the actor turned politician replied. “Please don’t be that hard on yourself.”

“We all go through challenges, we all go through failure. Sometimes life is a workout. But the key thing is you get up. Just move a little,” he continued.

“Roll out of bed and do some pushups or go for a walk. Just do something. One step at a time, I hope you feel better and get back to the gym. But don’t beat yourself up, because that’s just useless talk. It doesn’t get you closer to the gym.”

He finished his post by advising the user that he shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help and wishing him good luck for the future.

Unsurprisingly other Reddit users were quick to praise Arnie for taking time out to offer some life advice to those who need it.

“This actually helped me,” one user wrote. “I just got back in the gym tonight after a several yeah [sic] break.

“I have ptsd and am pretty over life and could only do 15 mins of arms and chest before failure. It’s not where I used to be, but it’s a start. Consistency is key. Love you, Arnold.”

“Thank you for this Mr Schwarzenegger- thanks for the encouragement to get us moving DESPITE what our heads tell us,” another agreed.

“Those of us on the depression-side of the spectrum appreciate this more than you know. Thank you.”

“You’re an inspiration, sir, not just through your life’s work but through your daily actions. Reaching out to individuals like this is so kind. You make such an impact,” yet another user wrote.

Arnie also shared his advice via video [Photo: Reddit]
Arnie also shared his advice via video [Photo: Reddit]

Some users were sceptical that the advice had come from Arnie himself, but another eagle-eyed fan pointed out that the star had given the same advice in a video also posted to Reddit.

The life advice certainly seemed to go down well with the original poster who went back online to thank Arnie for his motivation.

“Spreading positive energy is what it’s all about!” he wrote. “I absolutely cannot thank you enough for your help and kind words so I’ll keep paying it forward. For the moment, let’s just say I owe you one.”


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