Are Two Jobs Better Than One?


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When we talk about working two jobs, it’s usually in a negative way. It makes us think of heroes in American films trying to make ends meet; of getting up early and staying up late as a last way of getting a hold of some cash.

But instead, consider this: Working two jobs can be a positive lifestyle choice. For some, anyway, and whether it suits you really comes down to your current situation and your career plans for further down the road.

So how can you tell if two careers could be better than one for you?

Denise Taylor, career psychologist at Amazing People, says the two-job lifestyle can help to broaden your horizons, particularly if you’re dabbling in the idea of switching jobs: “Not everyone knows what they want to do, and two jobs can offer the chance to explore different options and provide greater flexibility,” she says.


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If you already have a job, but wish to change your career path, taking on another can open up doors even if you wish to keep your current full-time hours.

“It can benefit someone seeking to move into a new area, so they can work part-time as a yoga teacher, writer, or SEO consultant for example, alongside their full-time job.

“Or it could help someone who wants the flexibility to let a job drop if one takes off. Working in a lower paid but regular job (such as retail or hospitality) to cover basic living costs while developing as an artist, for example.”


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It’s still possible if your current job is a demanding one, too: “I once worked with a well-paid lawyer who also worked two days a week for an interior design company.

“If you have one job in which you are working alone – thinking work – it means you can have another with more human contact and that feeling of being part of a team.”

While this flexibility and variation sounds pretty great, it can come with a few problems. By trying to keep both of them up simultaneously there’s a chance you’ll be needed by the two jobs at the same time.

In other words, you’ll have to stay organised and learn to prioritise - fast.


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“It’s important that you look after your physical and mental health,” says Taylor. “Beware the danger of burnout.”

Another thing to consider is your long-term future. Taylor suggests that you ask yourself whether these two roles will really take you to where you want to be.

And keep in mind that although two jobs sound like they should result in double the money, you may find yourself less well off than you were with one full-time role.

Choose carefully.

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